Parklands Pub and Beer Garden

A New Standard In Beer Gardens

Tuesday 4th Aug 2020

The award-winning Parklands Hotel launches Parklands Pub and Beer Garden, a spac

Gin Cocktails for Lockdown

Gin Cocktails For Lockdown

Wednesday 20th May 2020

We've scoured the archives and come up with our top 5 gin cocktails for a s

Afternoon Tea During Lockdown

Afternoon Tea in Perthshire During Lockdown

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Enjoy an Afternoon Tea during lockdown; these tasty treats are delivered straigh

Food for Mental Health Awareness

Food for Mental Health Awareness

Monday 18th May 2020

We’re in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Week, wondering how much foo

Food Lockdown Food!

Food Lockdown Food!

Wednesday 22nd Apr 2020

This list brings together the food outlets currently open In Perth and Kinross d

Spring Lamb

Spring Lamb

Monday 20th Apr 2020

In restaurant land new season lamb is beginning to appear on menus with the firs

Easter Bread and Butter Pudding

Easter Bread and Butter Pudding

Monday 6th Apr 2020

Graham loves his old fashioned comfort foods and bread and Butter Pudding is a r

Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day!

Monday 24th Feb 2020

Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras – wherever you are in the world an

Cheese Wedding Cake

Cheese Wedding Cake from Provender Brown Delicatessen

Wednesday 5th Feb 2020

Calling all Cheese lovers! We have the alternative wedding cake of your dreams.

The Accidental Vegan

The Accidental Vegan

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

With plant-based eating on the rise, we challenged Small City Sloy to a month wi

The Berryfields Tearoom - Review

The Berryfields Tearoom - Review

Tuesday 21st Jan 2020

Delicious, soup, mains and puddings abound at Abernethy's Berryfields Tearo

January Health Kick

January Health Kick

Tuesday 14th Jan 2020

There’s only one topic of conversation on everyone’s mind when it co

The Christmas Cook

The Christmas Cook

Tuesday 10th Dec 2019

Andrew Moss, chef-proprietor of North Port in Perth City Centre, knows a thing o

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Monday 9th Dec 2019

I'm a cheese lover of epic proprotions. I'd take a cheese board over c

Zuppa! Do You Make the Best Soup?

Do You Make the Best Soup In Perthshire?

Thursday 11th Oct 2018

Send in your soup recipe and enter the Great Perthshire Soup competition to be i

Squash : More Than A Pumpkin!

Dont be scared of squash!

Tuesday 22nd Oct 2019

They don’t mash well, they don’t chop easily and you’d be ther

Great Perthshire Picnic 2019

Great Perthshire Picnic 2019

Thursday 5th Sep 2019

The Great Perthshire Picnic returns for a fourth year, in a month-long celebrati

The Yard : Sunday Social

The Yard : Sunday Social

Friday 23rd Aug 2019

The Yard Sunday Social in Perth, takes place every week at the Ice Factory and b

Kenmore Bakery Turn 25

In The Baking for 25 Years

Sunday 23rd Jun 2019

Kenmore Bakery, an award-winning bakery in Highland Perthshire, celebrate 25 yea

Ice Cream in Perthshire

The Best Ice Cream in Perthshire

Monday 20th Aug 2018

Where do you get the best ice-cream in Perth and Perthshire? In this long, hot s

Mon The Berries

Mon The Berries

Tuesday 10th Jul 2018

Perthshire berries are amongst the best in the world and at Mains of Errol Farm,

The Clootie Dumpling Gang!

The Clootie Dumpling Gang!

Thursday 2nd May 2019

The Clootie McToot shop in Abernethy is doing exciting things with an old Scotti

Going Vegan At The Atholl Arms: Review

Going Vegan At The Atholl Arms: Review

Monday 13th May 2019

Holly and Hannah headed to the Atholl Arms in Dunkeld to enjoy a Vegan lunch.

The City's Finest Port North Port Restaurant Review

The City's Finest Port

Thursday 28th Mar 2019

The North Port Restaurant is a delightful foodie gem in Perth City Centre headed

Vegan Snacks at Provender Brown

Review: Provender Brown's Vegan Snacks

Thursday 28th Feb 2019

Resident vegan Anita reviews the new vegan snacks available at Provender Brown -

Biologist couple launch sustainable distillery

Biologist couple launch sustainable distillery

Friday 22nd Feb 2019

Scotland is home to many renowned distilleries, known the world over for excelle

Dine in For Two

Dine In For Two in Perthshire!

Friday 15th Feb 2019

Who said you have to go out for a fancy meal on a date night? These recipe idea

Parklands Fizz Lunch

Parklands Fizz Lunch

Monday 16th Oct 2017

Parklands boutique hotel with dining in Perth City Centre offer a delicious 3 co

Fresh vs Hearty food

Fresh or Hearty food....which will you choose?

Friday 25th Jan 2019

Okay, so while the festive period is well and truly behind us, winter isn’

It's all About Balance!

It's all about Balance!

Friday 11th Jan 2019

Giving up the things we enjoy can be stressful and it takes a huge amount of wil

Try Something New!

Try Something New!

Tuesday 27th Mar 2018

A few pointers on trying something new when it comes to food and drink in the ne

Top of the Curry Class

Top of the Curry Class

Wednesday 28th Jun 2017

Praveen Kumar the main man behind awesome Perth Indian restaurant shares his cul

Inside Perth's first vegan cafe!

Inside Perth's First Vegan Cafe!

Thursday 15th Nov 2018

I’ve been vegan since my teens, and when I heard that Perth was getting it

Top 5 Vegan Dessert Recipes

Have your (vegan) cake and eat it too!

Wednesday 24th Oct 2018

Our Top Five vegan dessert recipes that are so good everyone will love them. Fea

BBC Scotland on the look-out for Perth foodies

BBC Scotland on the look-out for Perth foodies

Wednesday 17th Oct 2018

It is said that food nourishes the soul, and really, who can disagree with this?

Where cake meets art - the return of Perth's Cake Fest

Where cake meets art - the return of Perth's Cake Fest

Tuesday 9th Oct 2018

Paint, pen, watercolours...flour? What comes to your mind when you think of an a

Inside Perth's first shop dedicated to Craft Beer

Inside Perth's Craft Beer Bottle Shop

Tuesday 25th Sep 2018

One of my favourite things about Perth is that for its size, it holds a vast qua

Finding your perfect gin at Perth's G&T fest

A Gin Lovers Dream

Wednesday 12th Sep 2018

Small City Anita gives her top tips on the delicious and tantalising delights to

Baker Steven Is Anything But Run of the Mill

Outstanding Oatcakes!

Thursday 13th Sep 2018

When it comes to scooping fine food awards, novice baker Steven Mitchell can mix

World’s First ‘Ruby Velvet Chocolate’ Truffle created in Perth

Decadently Delicious Chocolate Delights

Tuesday 31st Jul 2018

A world-first from Perth: ruby chocolate truffle delights.

Life Stories in Food: Picnics

Life Stories In Food: Picnics

Thursday 26th Jul 2018

Perthshire is beautiful in Spring and as the sun creeps out and daffies brighten

Jim Fairlie The Kitchen Farmer

Jim Fairlie The Kitchen Farmer

Wednesday 18th Jul 2018

Jim Fairlie is the man behind Perth Farmer's Market. This summer he is offe

Perthshire's Perfect Scones

Perthshire's Perfect Scones

Thursday 28th Jun 2018

Our Small City readers on Facebook found the best Perthshire has to offer when i

Perth is Food Town of the Year!

Perth is Food Town of the Year!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Perth has been crowned Food Town of the Year, with two local chefs also winning

Fermentation Nation

Fermentation Nation

Wednesday 11th Apr 2018

Fermentation, take a bow. Your crowning moment in the foodie spotlight has final

Loose Leaf- Love you Oolong time

Loose Leaf- Love You Oolong Time

Thursday 22nd Mar 2018

Not sold on the benefits of loose tea over the traditional tea-bag be it pyramid

Graeme Pallister on Wild Garlic

Go Wild For Garlic!

Wednesday 14th Mar 2018

We caught up with Graeme Pallister, 63 Tay Street's award-winning chef-owne

Wine, Glorious Wine

Wine, Glorious Wine

Tuesday 6th Mar 2018

Almost unheard of before the eighties, wine bars are a huge hit with younger gen

Perthshire's Favourite Burgers

Perthshire's Favourite Burgers

Tuesday 27th Feb 2018

We asked our Small City Foodies to tell us where they love to grab a burger in P

Homegrown Success

Homegrown Success

Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

Glendoick Garden Centre have lot's of exciting things going on in 2018 with

The Cairn o' Mohr Winery

The Cairn o' Mohr Winery

Tuesday 13th Feb 2018

Since 1987 Cairn o’ Mohr has been brewing up juicy-fruity, berry loaded, a

The Highland Chocolatier

The Highland Chocolatier

Tuesday 6th Feb 2018

Iain Burnett - the Highland Chocolatier - produces his award-winning velvet truf

Corbie & Cheip: Stollen The Christmas Show

Corbie & Cheip: Stollen The Christmas Show

Tuesday 5th Dec 2017

Corbie and Cheip's team have brought their own unique brand of comforting n

Foraging for a gin

Foragin' For A Gin

Thursday 30th Nov 2017

Andrew Moss, chef-proprietor of North Port Restaurant in Perth city centre, has,

Deliver to you? Deliveroo do.

Deliver to you?  Deliveroo do.

Tuesday 4th Jul 2017

Learn about Deliveroo's new delivery service in Perth, Scotland. Deliveroo

Life Stories In Food- Picnic

Life in Food- Picnics

Thursday 29th Jun 2017

This is what I’ve learned. Whenever I get together with a group of friends we

Scone's on the Lawn

Scones on the Lawn

Wednesday 28th Jun 2017

There was a wonderful article published by The Guardian recently which debated t
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