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Each and every year, in an attempt to become a more interesting and rounded person, I promise myself that I’m going to take up a hobby that doesn’t involve me lying horizontal on my sofa, eating cheese and reading magazines.  At 45 years old I really want to have a better answer to the question “What might people be surprised to learn about you?” (Currently, the only thing I have is that I never iron anything. Ever. Like, I can’t even figure out where other people fit that in.)

Which means in January, and then again at my own personal New Year in April, I become obsessed with learning a new skill.  Over the years I have pondered learning piano (I’m tone deaf), training for the Etape bike race (my friends are all now laughing into their gin), and finally getting a grip and passing my driving test (I hate it. And no, I don’t need to do it just because everyone else does!).  Nothing though, has ever felt right so this year I’m embracing my inner foodie and throwing myself not into a brand new skill, but building on the deep rooted love I already have for socialising / food and drink.  The great news is, I’ve found plenty of inspiration right here in Perth city centre!

At 45 years old I really want to have a better answer to the question “What might people be surprised to learn about you?” 

Mix it up in a Cocktail Class

Forget free-pouring gin into a chipped mug, the cool new way to enjoy your drinks is to shake and stir your way into the perfect pour with a fabulously fun Cocktail Class.  Learn how to make the perfect Martini (an essential life-skill if ever you needed one), create your own take on the classic Cosmopolitan or go big with a Bellini using the finest champagne.  Most classes include a drink on arrival, a fully trained mixologist as your guide and all the ingredients you need to get your shake on! Look out for one-off events or gather up your group and book in for an alternative night on the town. 

Regular classes and events are held at both:
The Bothy - Classes for up to 12 people in their private dining room.

Explore a Tasting Menu

A tasting menu is a collection of small portions of several dishes served by a restaurant as a single meal.  Whilst some have each course listed in full, others will surprise you at the table.  Dishes will most certainly be seasonal, using what’s available that day, and you will find that chefs grab the opportunity to flex their culinary creative muscles.  This means that you’ll often try ingredients and dishes that you might not normally go for which is the most exciting thing about it – you could find a new gastronomic favourite, and even if you don’t, there will always be another dish to come! 

63 Tay Street - Tasting Menu

63 Tay Street - Enjoy the ‘Just Feed Us Graeme’ four-course tasting surprise lunch for only £ 22

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie - Scotland’s only 2 Michelin Star Restaurant offers a dining experience unlike any other.

Go Veggie - Recipe inspo for cooking vegetarian meals at home >>>

More and more people are opting for the veggie options now and even the most committed carnivores enjoy a change every now and then.  Whether you’re already a veggie or are flirting with the idea of eating less meat, you’ll find that there are now lots of choices available when it comes to eating out in Perth City. Not so much a new skill, as a source of inspiration, I will now regularly order veggie in an attempt to recreate it at home. Long gone is the token ‘one dish at the end’ and in its place you’ll find super-tasty dishes packed with flavour and creativity. 

Gringos - Mexican Street Food bursting with flavour and offering a huge choice of tasty vegetarian options.

Kisa’s - A favourite of our veggie friends, Café Kisa has a great selection of light lunches, snacks and evening meals.

269 Vegan Cafe - Recently reviewed by Anita, this is a new hot favourite in the office,

ORANGE CONSPIRACY - SingerOut on a School Night

Tie your food and drink into a little bit of culture and you’ll find hitting the town on a school night is a refreshing lesson in daring to do something different!  Nothing beats dinner and a movie, wine and theatre, or an ice cold beer as you get up close and personal with one of Perth’s many amazing live bands. Look out for the fantastic ‘Monday Night Thing’ at Perth Theatre in February 2019, which will see top local acts booked in to brighten up the start of your week!

The Monday Night Thing – Live music every Monday in Perth Theatre’s Joan Knight Studio


If you’d like to try your hand at learning something new while enjoying a night out in Perth city centre then check out the Small City Event Listings.

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