Cheese Wedding Cake from Provender Brown Delicatessen

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If there is one thing that the Provender Brown team are known for … It’s their love for a good cheese! Provender Brown Delicatessen has a reputation that precedes them. The deli is known for it's fine gins and gourmet delights and has built relationships with the best suppliers and expert cheesemongers all over the globe to bring you the most mouth-watering savoury selection.

If like us when it comes to ordering deserts you are definitely a cheeseboard kinda gal. Then the cheese wedding cake is for you! These have grown hugely in popularity in the last few years offering a niche alternative to the traditional sweet cake. These have grown hugely in popularity in the last few years offering a niche alternative to the traditional sweet cake.   Perfect for cheese-lovers, gluten free people and those who prefer the savoury side of life, the wedding cheese cake is a hip centre piece for your Wedding desert table.

As one of Scotland’s most prominent cheesemongers with years of experience and a few food awards under their belt, there is no better supplier for you to trust to bring some extra pizzazz to your big day.

Diane and team are passionate about creating a bespoke wedding cheese cake for each couple which oozes individuality and splashes of the bride and grooms personality. Recently they hand crafted a bespoke cheese cake for a London based couple that included both traditional Swiss and Scottish cheese to reflect the bride and grooms family heritage.


Of course, you can order a cheese cake for any occasion but when you see the gorgeous tall stacks of cheese, you will immediately picture them as a bridal centre piece.

If you'd like to find out more then drop into the George Street shop and the Provender Brown team will be happy to advise you on varieties, size, quantity and depth of cheese.  Do leave a few months clear if you can to place your order as the team will order in whole cheeses especially for your 'cake'.  On average, costs will work out at approximately £2 to £3 per head depending on the varieties you choose.  Provender Brown can also arrange biscuits, oatcakes, chutneys and accompaniments should you wish.

Provender Brown don't do the decoration (they know where their strengths lie!) but if you ask your florist or an arty friend you will find that it’s very easy for them to create a stunning show-stopper effect with flowers, fruit and small decorations. Now there is a task for the bridesmaids!

Click here to find out how to book; we guarantee it will be the talk of the Big Day!

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