Perthshire's Perfect Scones

Megan Mailer

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What’s light and fluffy and crumbly all over?

Of course we are talking about none other than a fresh baked scone. Whether you say scone as in ‘gone’ or scone as in ‘bone’ (here in Perthshire, we tend to rhyme with gone), the fact remains that the devastatingly delicious fresh baked scone is enjoyed by many and held - deservedly - on a pedestal above all other treats. And let’s face it, what afternoon tea stand would be complete without one?

Scones enjoy versatility like no other snack; Plain scones, lemon curd scones, chocolate scones and haggis scones (yes, really) - to name but a few. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or an afternoon treat. Delicious for lunch, after dinner or a pre-bedtime munch. Eat them with your friends, eat them with your granny, eat them alone or share them with your neighbour. Eat them hot, eat them cold, eat them two days old and toasted.  Served warm from the oven with butter and jam or cold like the Cornish (jam then clotted cream) or wrong like the Devon’s (clotted cream followed by jam). No other snack has so much variety.

We scoured the land (we asked our Small City readers on Facebook) to find the best Perthshire has to offer when it comes to fresh baked scones and of course, you came up trumps. It seems Perthshire is the place to be when it comes to selecting the perfect light and fluffy treat to satisfy that hunger pang.

A Fruit Scone at Scone Palace

6 SconesIf it isn’t on your list to enjoy a scone at Scone Palace then pop it on now because we promise you, you won’t regret it! With 250 of them being baked fresh every morning in the Palace, these goods are a hit with visitors looking to devour something a little more than history at this five-star visitor attraction in Perthshire.

Stephen Brannigan, Head of House Opening at Scone Palace, said:

“Naturally, people coming here think Scone is the perfect place for a scone, which means our scones have always been a popular treat for our visitors.”

Five varieties are being made each day: fruit scones, plain scones, cheese scones (or other savoury flavour), gluten free scones and a speciality scone which has previously included flavours such as: Blueberry, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Fruits of the Forest, Apple & Cinnamon and Cherry. The fruit scone is the most popular and is best served warm from the oven with butter and the Palace’s homemade strawberry jam. However, jam and cream are a popular choice too (both the Devonshire and Cornish methods).

Next time you visit the Palace; don’t forget to scoff a scone!

A Cheese and Onion Scone at Marie’s Little Cake Shop

4 SconesBased in Auchterarder, Marie was a contestant on the popular Great British Bake-Off back when it was still a child of the BBC. Featuring in Season 6 of the popular show, Marie won Star Baker status on ‘Cake Week’ which left her fielding requests for her delicious creations left, right, and centre.

This spurred her on to open Marie’s Little Cake Shop and it has proved a popular venue for locals and tourists alike, with Bake-Off fans coming from far and wide to sample her wares.  Her scones come highly recommended from anyone who has had the pleasure of tasting them with her cheese and onion savoury scone top of the list.

Marie spoke to us about the popular cheese and onion scone saying, “It’s light with the addition of grated strong red cheddar and chopped spring onion. It's very popular in the coffee shop served warm with butter or served with our home-made soup instead of the usual bread roll.”

We can’t wait for our next visit!

A Haggis Scone at Hettie’s Tea Room

2 SconesHettie’s Pitlochry Tea Room welcomes over 70,000 visitors a year who enjoy their wide range of teas and cakes with over 200 scones being sold daily.

Ever up for a challenge, owner Clare took to social media to ask the people what they wanted from their scones and before long, ideas were flying around like, well like something that flies around!

It was when a lady named Moira from Aviemore threw in the idea of a haggis flavoured scone that the cogs in Clare’s creative brain started turning. She gathered the team and they set about developing the delicious and very original haggis scone.

Baked fresh every day, the haggis scone is best served warm with Philadelphia cheese and red onion chutney and is a real delight for the taste buds.

Next time you’re in Pitlochry, head to Hettie’s and try it out!

Maple and Pecan Scone at Sub Rosa

1 sconesSub Rosa has been a permanent fixture of Perth’s City Centre for nearly 4 years now and came about after owner Alison spent years travelling the UK, Canada and Australia flexing her talents working as a chef.

As you open the door, you’ll be enveloped in a hug by the sweet aroma of her fresh baked goods and that along with the cheerful welcome and the amazing flavours are what keeps the customers coming back time and time again.

For the freshest hot maple and pecan scones just out the oven, we recommend a visit to Sub Rosa  just after 10am Monday – Saturday.

Deeply satisfying with a scraping of butter.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Scone from Jacquelline Vivianni

3 SconesIf you would prefer to buy a scone (or three) and take it home to enjoy, we can think of none better than the raspberry and white chocolate scone from Jacqueline Viviani.

Jacqueline started off by baking lots of delicious cakes for friends & neighbours in and around Murthly. It was around 7 years ago, at the insistent urging of those close to her, she decided to share her talents with the rest of Perthshire by taking stalls at markets - and she’s still doing that today.

You will find Jacqueline Viviani’s award winning scones at the Farmers' Markets in Pitlochry, Aberfeldy and Logierait every month as well as at events such as the Perth Show, and Christmas fairs throughout December.

All scones are baked fresh in her home kitchen using (where possible) locally sourced ingredients and although the raspberry and white chocolate is her most popular scone, you will find 10-14 other wonderful varieties such as: lemon drizzle with cranberry, and toffee apple with a touch of cinnamon!

Pop along to see Jackie at the next Farmers' Market and pick up one of her delicious raspberry and white chocolate scones to enjoy with butter and homemade raspberry jam.

Definitely enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Gluten Free Fruit Scone at Reid’s Café

5 SconesReid’s Café in Perth’s City Centre is known for its fresh homemade products and the café has recently perfected its gluten free offering.

The highly recommended gluten free fruit scone is only one small crumb of the extensive gluten free range at Reid's which truly sets it apart from other café’s in the area as the demand for fresh and delicious gluten free produce grows.

Alan from Reid’s Café told us,

“The continuous desire for such produce has driven us to perfect our scones and it is now one of our most popular items on the menu. It is commonly served simple and classic with butter and raspberry jam alongside a cup of our award-winning coffee - the perfect combo!”

Perfectly located on Perth’s High Street, Reid’s Café is the perfect stopping place for wee nibble after a spot of shopping at our fabulous Perth Indies.

These gluten free scones are sure to delight.

Steamin’ Scones at AliBob at Cairn O’Mohr

1 SconesAliBob at Cairn o’ Mohr in Errol came about due to Ali and Bob’s shared passion for food. Their love of feeding people and making people happy with food and drink is the reason they decided to take over the café at Scotland’s original winery; Cairn o’ Mohr.

Since then, their popularity has risen just as well as their scones. Their best seller is the aptly named 'Steamin’ Scone' which gained its name because the sultanas are soaked in raspberry wine so they are all plump and juicy (and steamin’ drunk). More raspberry wine is then added with some mixed spice when they are baked and they just fly off the shelves!

The best way to enjoy this baked treat is warm and with AliBob’s secret raspberry jam and butter. However, it is moist enough to be enjoyed alone.

Another popular (and child friendly) hit at AliBob is the cheddar cheese scone which scored 10/10 at the Scottish Baking Awards in 2016 when Ali was named Scottish Baker of the Year.

These steamin’ scones can be enjoyed at any time of the day – just remember to take along a designated driver!


With all these perfect Perthshire scones to choose from, we’re not quite sure how you will decide where you’re going for your next sweet or savoury treat!

A special thanks to everybody who took the time to give us your great suggestions across our Small City social media channels – we wish we could have featured them all!

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