January Health Kick

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There’s only one topic of conversation on everyone’s mind when it comes to food in January. “I’m on a health kick” can be heard in every corner of Scotland, steam puddings swapped for salads, mince pies swapped for miso soup. For me, when it comes to enjoying my food, I generally follow the 80-20 rule, where I eat as healthily as I can 80% of the time in order that I can enjoy the odd chocolate bar or bottle of Bud.  

I’m a bit of a health nut anyway; years in the catering trade have forced me outside to run at all hours which may sound brutal but it’s the preferred alternative to trademark pot belly and pasty complexion of many a chef. Like most working parents, I’m super busy and believe it or not I too can find it tricky getting the right nutrients inside me as I can spend days grazing and tasting at wee bits. That is, until I welcomed in the joy of juicing.

Well, there’s still 20% of me enjoys a wee treat!

Quick to make – I use a cold pressed juicer – and quick to drink this has been my go to morning solution for a couple of years now. Now, while it is undoubtedly better to eat whole fruits and vegetables, this is a perfect solution for busy people to have alongside a slice of wholegrain toast and a poached egg. I don’t know about you but I’ve never steamed off a bag of spinach for breakfast!

It can be quite complicated at first as there are so many flavour combinations; my tip is DON’T do as I did and go for a garlic and kale combo. Convinced it would be super good for me I gave it a go, forced it down and thought of nothing but burgers for at least an hour! Instead, experiment with some of the fantastic recipes out there online. Remember that the fructose level is quite high in fruit so best to mix it up and go for a good balance of fruit and veg.

GP January - Juice 1

On top of this I drink plenty of water and try to squeeze in a yoga class (I’m the non-bendy man at the back) to help keep the muscles moving. None of it is rocket science but I know it all helps keep my energy levels up and leaves enough manoeuvring for a sample or two of Lee’s amazing desserts. Well, there’s still 20% of me enjoys a wee treat!

Top Tip: After a few strange concoctions I’ve hit upon a couple of ‘cocktails’ that I love and that I know are really good for me. Try 4 carrots and 2 fresh beetroots with a little ginger or for a wonderful detoxing juice use 2 whole cucumbers, 2 pears, a whole lime and some fresh mint. Chop everything up, stick them in your juicer, skin and all and you’ll find an energising start to the day.

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