The Christmas Cook

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Andrew Moss, chef-proprietor of North Port in Perth City Centre, knows a thing or two about cooking Christmas Dinner, with over 20 years experience in kitchens reaching across Scotland.
His festive dining menu in now out, serving up his signature style of tasty Scottish flavours, all with a North Port twist. Featuring delicious dishes from hickory smoked pheasant to dark chocolate ganache served with burnt orange, you're sure to have a mouthwatering experience. The restaurant will close up on the 21st of December 2019, as Andrew prepares to enjoy the big day itself at home with his family.
When do you start planning for Christmas in the restaurant?
We usually start planning for Christmas in the restaurant when we start getting enquires for tables. At that point, the menu has to be written. So usually about June!
What is your inspiration for festive flavours on the menu?
As with all our dishes, the inspiration comes from the produce itself. I love this time of year for veggies. There are plenty of root vegetables, different cabbages and things like broccoli to play with. And on top of that game meat like wild duck and partridge will definitely feature somewhere.
What are you looking forward to most this year?
Xmas Feature 2017 - North Port RestaurantThis year in the restaurant I’m looking forward to prepping the last turkey of the year. We debone the whole bird and then put it back together with a layer of white meat, a layer of brown meat, all rolled around the stuffing. This ensures it is kept moist when cooking it but is obviously a lot more work than just flinging a crown in the oven.
Personally, I can’t wait to spend time with my family. It is a rare occurrence that I have more than two days off in a row so it’s great to actually see my wife and child and enjoy some quality time!
What's your favourite foodie tradition at Christmas?
I wouldn’t say I have any fixed foodie traditions at Christmas – I like to try new things too much. I guess attempting to eat my body weight in cheese could count though!
Any tips for Christmas Dinner cooks?

My biggest piece of advice to Christmas dinner cooks is not to overlook other meats. Christmas dinner is not about turkey, it is about family and friends. Remember there are other - often far tastier in my opinion - options out there. Duck, venison, pheasant, beef, goose, ham, the list is endless. Give it a go!
Do you cook on Christmas Day at home?

I never cook at home over Christmas. Karen rarely lets me cook in the house as apparently, I make too much mess. I am not complaining though, she is an amazing cook.
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