Fresh or Hearty food....which will you choose?

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Winter isn’t quite done with us yet: we've got a few months more left of frosty mornings and snowy skies as the weather continues to dip. At the same time, the health kick season is here and we're getting into gear. Basically, we're all cold, skint, and with great intentions!

Right now there seems to be a bit of a split amongst people – some want to reach for salads and shakes to take to our fitness classes, while some want nothing more than to curl up and get cosy with some hearty soups and stews on these last bitingly cold winter nights. Perhaps you fancy a bit of both!

So to satisfy whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got a round-up of five recipes that may just take your fancy. Fresh, hearty or a bit of both: we’ve got you covered on all bases!


Shredded Christmas Salad - landscape
Shredded Winter Salad
Salads are usually associated with warm weather, and let's face it, boredom. Well, this salad made me eat those words - and my greens! One bite and all preconceptions will be dispelled. If you're looking for a way to use up your brussel sprouts, this is the recipe for you. Also really ideal if you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate more raw, fresh veggies into your diet – this salad is literally choc-a-bloc full of them, the freshness dancing on your taste buds with that lovely kick of ginger. Perfect.

Prawn and Avocado Salad
With no cooking involved, this salad can be assembled quicker than you can order a pizza to your house. Sometimes simplicity makes for staple meals to return to time and time again. Here, the jumbo prawns with rich avocado, garnished with crisp coriander and tossed together in a few quick minutes mean that you’ve got the perfect meal if you’re on the go – whether you’ve got a busy day at work ahead, or you’re planning to hit the gym. Quick, simple, fresh. We love!


Creamy Mushroom Brioche

This can only be described as a mushroom lover's comfort meal. The earthy flavours of mushrooms combine perfectly with the sweetness of the brioche and cream. The flaky pastry gives way to rich, creamy indulgence that you’ll want to sink into and savour again and again. Now all that’s left to do is to pour a glass of wine, get toasty by the fireplace, and you're in heaven!

Praveen Recipe - Dish plated up

Hot and Spicy Fish n Chips
Classic comfort food? Check. With a kick of warming heat? Check. This innovative recipe blends the staple comforts of Scottish and Indian cuisines, creating a dish completely unique and - if we may - completely delicious. As someone who is both Indian and Scottish myself, I really appreciate seeing the cultural crossover in this dish!

When I think of comfort food my mind wanders toward either the taste of hot, fresh out the fryer fluffy chips doused in salt, or warming fragrant spices, with the sizzle of cumin seeds popping floating to mind. With this dish, I don’t have to choose.


0 Halloumi Burger RecipeHalloumi Burger with Homemade Tomato Sauce
The soft, gorgeous taste of lightly fried halloumi set off by the tangy, fruity freshness of homemade tomato sauce: one word? Bliss. Sink your teeth into this simple but satisfying vegetarian dish and thank us later.

This dish perfectly epitomises the blend between fresh, healthy food and a comforting warm classic to sink your teeth into. Fairly easy and quick to prepare too - why not swap out a takeaway for this mouthwatering treat?


Just remember - balance is key: there’s no such thing as “good” and “bad” foods, and a healthy diet incorporates a little bit of everything you like, in moderation! Happy cooking – and eating!

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