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Pack The Perfect Picnic

We love a snack (or two) here in the Small City office and with the North Inch just across the road we can't resist an al fresco lunch or outdoors meeting when the sun is shining.

With Gill sending us super tasty and easy to follow recipes every Thursday, alongside the fact that Spring has sprung and the sun has got his hat on, we were all feeling in the mood to take our lunch outside and soak up some vitamin D.

It got us thinking, why not pop together some of our perfect picnic recipes to help you all get out and enjoy the sunshine with some good scran. So, go on, rustle up some of these super easy to follow recipes, then pop on your best straw hat and get the tartan rug ready - It couldn't be easier!

Even if the weather isn't great these recipes are the perfect lunchtime foodie feast and are great to share with work collegues - it makes us feel better if we're eating sunshine food in the rain! 

For The Full Recipes Click The Link Below >>>

  • The aroma of fennel coupled with the sweet acidity of this season’s oranges gives this salad a perfect balance and makes for a super healthy lunch or side at dinner time. Fennel and Orange Salad Recipe >>>
  • This one from Gill is my idea of heaven, with the toasted nuts (could a proper chef please explain why nuts are SO much better toasted?) and salty feta, I could eat dish after dish of this! Yellow Bean and Feta Salad Recipe >>>
  • This super refreshing and flavoursome cordial is perfect served hot or cold and also acts as the perfect base to a cocktail. We're thinking a good slug of White Rum, sliced lemon and a sprig of mint for a Perthshire Daiquiri!Rosehip and Apple Cordial Recipe >>>
  • The real stroke of genius in this recipe is the layer of marscapone, parmesan and basil underneath the tomatoes to give that smooth and delicious bite under the baked tomato slices .Provencal Tomato Tart Recipe >>>
  • This is a tasty traditional dish from Brazil. It's called crazy rice because it has such a variety of colourful ingredients. Crazy Rice Recipe >>>
  • This loaf is moist with a lot of substance and is a perfect with your cuppa. It really does melt in the mouth. The recipe is so easy to follow and comes out perfect every time. Banana and Lavender Loaf Recipe >>>
  • This potato salad is the absolute taste of summer deliciousness. Gill has made it so many times she doesn't need the recipe anymore, and when you know a recipe off by heart then you know its a good one! Mum's Potato Salad Recipe >>>
  • A perfect salad to capture the mood of early summer with the first of Perthshire’s ripe strawberries.  If you wanted you could make this as a main meal by adding some grilled chicken on top. Strawberry Picking Salad Recipe >>>
  • I love the vibrancy of this hummus. The earthy flavour is so good too and it's very easy to make. This is also a great high fibre spread for your favourite sandwich at lunchtime  Beetroot Hummus Recipe >>>
  • Go on, ditch the kettle and make some iced tea. Gill has opted for a ginger iced tea recipe as it’s such a refreshing drink and ginger of course is great for helping with digestive problems, perfect if you like to overindulge! Ginger Iced Tea Recipe >>>
  • If you’re bored of your usual lunchtime sandwich then this is also a great portable lunch and tasty at room temperature too - perfect for the kids lunchboxes. Mini Spring Frittatas Recipe >>>
  • If you wanted to be organised you can roast your beets up to 3 days in advance and cover and chill in the fridge before using - perfect picnic prep for this tasty side dish! Roasted Beetroot Salad Recipe >>>
  • It's a superfood explosion! This nourishing bowl of all things fabulous is perfect for lunch on-the-go or as a side dish. It's super easy to make and filling PLUS it's vegan friendly and vegetarian. Bring out your inner green goddess. Wild Rice and Quinoa Salad Recipe >>>
  • A no bake cheesecake is a super quick and easy dessert to make- just chuck all the ingredients in and mix it up! This blueberry cheesecake looks great and is really delicious. Blueberry Cheesecakes in a Jar Recipe >>>


All pictures and recipes are courtesy of Gill Murray - Our resident Small City foodie photographer and recipe extraordinaire. You can find out more about Gill by reading her amazing #BigPersonality story HERE >>>