Shredded Christmas Salad
Delicious vegetarian burrito recipe with microwave rice, avocado and tomato.  This is so easy to make it can be made at your work in a few minutes!
Tasty smoked ham and lentil soup recipe.
This is what you call a superfood salad!
This beetroot hummus is the perfect dip and side for any meal.
A tasty roasted spaghetti squash with thyme and chilli is the perfect autumn supper dish.
This week's #smallcityrecipe from Gill Murray is a summer detox water. This healthy and detoxing water helps to replenish your body with loads of good vitamins and minerals.
This smoothie bowl looks super tasty!
The Yummiest Ever Pesto
This super healthy Life-Changing Bread is gluten free and easy to make at home all you need is a loaf tin and an oven!
Tasty Gin bramble cocktail that Gill rustled up.
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Healthy New Year

It's a New Year and for many, that means another attempt at a healthier lifestyle and diet.  However, that doesn't mean that you have to deny yourself great flavours and textures.  At Small City Big Personality we believe you can eat a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet that not only tastes great but also looks amazing (thanks in no small part in these pics to the talents of ace food photographer Gill Murray).  

We have handpicked our 12 favourite healthy food photos to get your mouth watering.  We have also included the links to the recipes so you can try your hand at making them yourself.   You've got everything from salad to soups, quinoa to granola and we've even got a recipe for a bread that might just change your life.  Eagle-eyed readers may notice that we've slipped in one pic and recipe that might not strictly count as healthy but hell everyone needs a cheat day now and again.

Shredded Christmas Salad

This delicious raw shredded Christmas salad is bursting full of flavour and a light and welcome side dish to all the festive indulgence. We had ours as a side to some grilled salmon and it was delish!

Veggie Burrito Bowls

These will make those Mexican meal kits you find in a cardboard box in the supermarket taste as bland as baby food in comparison.  Take a walk on the spicy side of life!

Ham and Lentil Soup

Every self-respecting Scot's cook should have a good Ham and Lentil Soup in their arsenal of dishes.  Perfect with chunks of bread and butter on those long winter nights.

Quinoa Salad

Wild rice forms the backbone to this hearty winter salad which is high in protein and B vitamins. This is a quick salad to pull together and is great as a side dish to a main course.  It's good to leave the flavours to develop for a little while once the ingredients are mixed to maximise the flavours.

Beetroot Hummus

We love the vibrancy of this hummus. The earthy flavour is so good too and it's very easy to make. Traditional hummus is still good but it's fun to jazz it up and try something different. This is also a great high fibre spread for your favourite sandwich at lunchtime.

Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Loaded with nutrients such as beta-carotene and fibre, Spaghetti Squash makes an excellent side dish for meats, fish and game. That said, its also a really great alternative to noodles and pasta - the perfect way to cut back on the refined carbs.

Detox Water

This recipe was originally entitled "Summer Detox" water but we reckon after hitting the food and drink hard over the festive season that January is as good a time as any to give it a try.

Oat and Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

This fruity twist on breakfast favourite porridge will mean that you'll really look forward to getting out of bed in the morning!

Yummy Pesto

Pesto in pasta is such a great alternative to the usual tomato or creamy sauces - We like to make ours with Perthshire rapeseed oil from Summer Harvest which pulls out that nutty flavour and plenty of parmesan!

Life-changing bread

Any celiac will attest that gluten-free bread doesn't quite measure up to the real thing.  Well that's about to change with this awesome recipe.

Spice Gin Cured Salmon

It's healthy and it's made with gin.  What more do you need to know?

Bramble Gin Cocktail

Ok... ok.  Maybe this last one doesn't strictly fit into the healthy recipe category but everyone deserves a cheat day... right?