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Who Are PKAVS?

PKAVS is a local charity that was set up in the seventies to works to support people living in Perth & Kinross. They are the volunteers and staff who carry out the vital role in helping those folks who often fly under the radar unnoticed and unhelped. Since they started all those years ago, their work has evolved to take into consideration the changing needs of the people they serve. They now help to support unpaid carers, people recovering from mental illness, shopmobility and our minority communities. As well as all of this, they work towards strengthening Perthshire and Kinross’s voluntary sector so that we might all find ways to help on another.

Every year PKAVS directly supports over 5,000 people and their aim is simple. To make life a little easier for these folks facing daily challenges. PKAVS helps those in their care feel less alone and encourages people to believe they can overcome their personal barriers to achieve happiness and reach their goals. It’s not big, earth-shaking things that they do; it’s a million little things that add up to make a big, earth-shaking differences to the people in their care.

These are people who live on your doorstep, go to school with your children and work in your local shop. Their needs may not stand out as obvious at first but they are very real and without a support network such as PKAVS they would remain unnoticed and unhelped.

Their vision: "To improve the quality of life for people in Perth & Kinross through the provision of direct service delivery & to act as a catalyst for the positive development of the Voluntary Sector."