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Run or Dye for PKAVS

By 13th March 2015

Run or Dye, the colourful 5K race that has been sweeping the nation is coming to Perth on Saturday 18th July at Scone Palace and PKAVS is the charity partner. YAY! Could a sentence get any better?!

For those of you who don’t know about it, the Run or Dye 5K is a stunningly colourful event that showers competitors with colour as they run, walk and dance their way round the course. Every kilometre brings another burst of bright technicolour (its all safe, eco-friendly and plant-based powdered dye) turning you into a rainbow of fun. And just when you thought you couldn't possibly be any more colourful, you'll cross the finish line and find yourself in the middle of a colourstorm at their Finish Festival.

And it’s still not over! Enjoy a good old jam session with the Run or Dye MCs as they count down to the moment when everyone involved gets to Tie-Dye the sky and share their little bit of the rainbow.  The result is a bright, technicolour, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As if all of that wasn’t awesome enough, PKAVS is to be their charity partner meaning you can take part AND raise funds for our #SCBP charity of the year.

Watch this!!

You really, really, really want to do it now don't you?!

There are two ways to get involved:

Run, Walk or Dance Your Way Around the Rainbow!

PKAVS are looking for teams of runners experience the most colour-filled day of their life! Grab your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues and get out and celebrate life, friendship, fitness and fun.

Run or Dye is for absolutely everyone - whether you're a recovering couch potato or an avid marathon runner, you'll love the atmosphere and experience. You can walk, run, dance or skip your way to the finish line and age doesn't matter one little bit - in fact at Run or Dye kids 6 and under go FREE!


PKAVS require their Challenge Teams to have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 runners who will all benefit from a discounted entry cost by booking directly through the PKAVS fundraising team. PKAVS Challenge Teams will also receive a free Fundraising Pack, PKAVS goodie bag and will be invited to celebrate with us at the Run or Dye Colour Festival. 

PKAVS Challenge Teams are all encouraged to raise sponsorship as a group, using a team JustGiving page - and I happen to know that they have a very special prize for the team who raise the most money.

You can set up a team Just Giving Page really easily and watch as your funds rocket skywards!  Teams have until Friday 17th July 2015 to raise as much as they can and the winner will be announced the Run or Dye Colour Festival.

I would love to have a Small City Big Personality team take part and in a bid to tempt all you non-runners and maybes off the couch I’ve enlisted the one-and-only Steve Bonthrone to lead and train our team of runners! EEK! So if you’re an individual without a team who’d like to take part then drop me a line at and we’ll get you signed up. 

Small City Big Personality will showcase ALL PKAVS Fundraising Teams on our website and on our social media. 


Boost Your Heart and Soul And Volunteer!

If running just isn’t your thing then join me on the volunteering team!  As the local charity partner PKAVS needs 60 volunteers to help marshall the event on the day and another 20 to help with bucket collections.  I think we can manage that can’t we folks?

Remember our story about boosting your heart and soul by volunteering? Well now is your chance to join in so if you’re sitting thinking about it, then stop! Just DO IT! It’s as easy as adding your name to the list; as a PKAVS Volunteer you'll receive a PKAVS Volunteer Pack, which includes a volunteering certificate, water & other goodies AND you will also be invited to celebrate with us at the Colour Festival!

And here’s the best bit – Run or Dye give £15 per volunteer so if we manage to get the 60 that’s £900.00 straight away for PKAVS!

If you are dedicated, hard-working, excited, and are passionate about living life in full colour then let's be having you!

To sign up to run or to volunteer please contact the PKAVS Fundraising team on or 01738 567076 and get set for the most colour-filled day of your life!

You can tag your friends here underneath to let them know all about it!


RUN OR DYE banner
Facts For PKAVS Runners: 

  • To sign up as a PKAVS runner please contact the fundraising team directly on or 01738 567076 
  • PKAVS runners will register £20 only by contacting the office directly. Normal price (£23 - £27.50) 

Key facts for volunteers:

  • Volunteers to arrive on site 7:30am strict
  • Volunteers will finish about 1:30pm and are required to stay the full 6 hours
  • Volunteer will be helping out on registration, dye stations and starts and finishes
  • Volunteers get a T shirt, granola bar and bottle of water
  • We will send through a detailed volunteer briefing pack 2 weeks before the event to all volunteers


PKAVS LOGOPKAVS is Small City, Big Personality’s chosen charity for 2015. Find out why we decided to work with this amazing organisation and what they bring to our small city, over on our PKAVS mini site here.

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