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PKAVS Services

From city centre shopmobility to help those who are less-able get out and enjoy a day in town, to users of the wonderful Walled Garden at Murray Royal and the young carers whose childhoods are being interrupted daily with responsibilities beyond their years, PKAVS brings care and help to people who often blend into the background, their needs invisible to others around them.

Carers Services

PKAVS Carers Services support over 1,000 unpaid carers throughout Perthshire and Kinross including young carers, adult carers and young adult carers. A carer is someone who looks after a loved one in their family, their partner or sometimes a friend with a specific illness, frailty or disability. The emotional and physical demands on carers often run far deeper than they appear; at PKAVS their trained volunteers and workers understand the unique position that these amazing people find themselves in and aim to help them be individuals first and carers second.

If you are a carer and need some extra support or even just need a chat then give the PKAVS team a call today on 01738 567076. You can also refer yourself to get support by printing off and completing one of these forms: Adult Carers Referral Form or Young Carers Referral Form. Remember, you don’t have to cope alone.

Mental Wellbeing Services

The sad and staggering truth is that one in four of us will experience a mental health issue at some point in our lives. The most common is depression, panic attacks, severe stress and anxiety disorder.

I’m sure you will all know someone who has experienced this very real problem and realised that with the right help and support, recovery is possible.

PKAVS Mental Wellbeing Services work in partnership with NHS Tayside and Perth & Kinross Council amongst others and try wherever possible to help people feel supported in their own communities through fantastic projects such as the Walled Garden and Wisecraft.

If you’d like to find out more about this then give their team a call today on 01738 631777 (The Walled Garden) or 01250 874777 (Wisecraft) or print and complete the following: Mental Wellbeing

Referral Form.

Services for Minority Communities

Imagine being thousands of miles away from your home with the support network that that brings no longer there. MEAD (Minority Ethnic Access Development) is PKAVS Service for Minority Communities and it offers a brilliant support network to people from minority backgrounds, particularly Eastern European, South Asian and Chinese. By helping people access local services they can integrate easier and begin to enjoy life and all it entails in our small city.

From interpreting and translation to English classes, work clubs, culture activities and information regarding local services, PKAVS helps the newest members of our community find their feet. See the Contact MEAD page if you want to speak to someone in your own language. To refer yourself or someone else as a client to MEAD, please use the Client Registration form.


One of my favourite services from PKAVS, Shopmobiliy helps over 1000 people a year stay connected to life outside their homes. By lending wheelchairs and scooters to people with mobility issues it has become a lifeline for hundreds of older and disabled people.

Daily hire for a few hours is free, though a donation is greatly appreciated and helps with our running costs. It can also offer hires for weekends or whole weeks and helps people who are temporarily immobile.

It is based in the Canal Street car park, Perth and is open 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri.