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Run or Dye for PKAVS

Run or Dye, the colourful 5K race that has been sweeping the nation is coming to Perth on Saturday 18th July at Scone Palace and PKAVS is the charity partner. YAY! Could a sentence get any better?!

For those of you who don’t know about it, the Run or Dye 5K is a stunningly colourful event that showers competitors with colour as they run, walk and dance their way round the course. Every kilometre brings another burst of bright technicolour (its all safe, eco-friendly and plant-based powdered dye) turning you into a rainbow of fun. And just when you thought you couldn't possibly be any more colourful, you'll cross the finish line and find yourself in the middle of a colourstorm at their Finish Festival.

As if all of that wasn’t awesome enough, PKAVS is to be their charity partner meaning you can take part AND raise funds for our #SCBP charity of the year.

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