Wellbeing in Perthshire

The time of resolutions is upon us! Brace yourselves folks as we enter crazy season and become determined to become the best possible versions of ourselves.  Out go the Christmas pudding cocktails and panettone for breakfast and in comes the 22 day juice diet and 100 tricep dips before dawn.

Almost half of us will make a resolution but only 10% of us stick to them for the duration with a third ditching the resolve by the end of January.  Some 66% of these are fitness goals with weight loss, volunteering more, finding ‘me time’ and de-stressing all making the top five.   Wellbeing is;

Three of the top five all be achieved by simply choosing to live more actively.  There is so much evidence to support the benefits of exercise in your life and they go way beyond fitting into your favourite jeans.

With an increasing number of apps, gadgets and options it really has never been easier.    The trick to keeping on track is to set a clear goal and make an action plan for reaching it. Find something you enjoy doing, find a trainer or class that motivates you or rope in a friend to help keep that motivation high!   

Live Active Leisure | Claymore Crossfit | Steven Bonthrone Personal Training | Club 300 | Perth Yoga Studio | Balans Pilates | The Fitness Lady | Bannatyne | Fit Steps Personal Training

We all live far busier lives than our parents or grandparents did and while this can be hugely satisfying the endless stream of work, kids classes, social media, housework, friends and family can become demanding.

Taking time for yourself, where you step out and enjoy something that’s just about you, has many physical and psychological rewards.  You recharge, chill out and bounce back into your life feeling happier and ready for another spin round the ballet class / karate / running club circuit!

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Gyms, classes and personal trainers are also a great way to step out and enjoy some time yourself.

Trying something new or rediscovering an old interest is a great way to build confidence and add some joy to your life.  It can be as simple as signing up for a course or taking on a different responsibility at work.  Maybe you could try a new recipe every week from our fab recipe section!

Learn Golf at Murrayshall

Volunteering has been proven to be good for the heart and soul (http://www.smallcitybigpersonality.co.uk/Good-For-The-Heart-and-Soul). When we do something altruistic and think of others, we can find a new type of happiness that links us to the wider community. This can be incredibly rewarding and many people find that a resolution that gives something back brings personal fulfilment and enrichment.

There are many services in Perth that require volunteers and they would all be grateful for an hour or two of your time on a monthly, weekly or less frequent basis.

PKAVS | PLUS | Perth Autism Support


Murrayshall Golf Courses

Start your 2016 fitness drive by playing golf at Murrayshall. With a choice of golf courses and membership types to suit all golfers Murrayshall is the ideal venue to play, learn and exercise.

We Love The Perth Whisky Festival

Rae and Craig from Rae Peacock Hair headed out to the Perth Whisky Festival hosted by Exel Wines at Perth Racecourse for a proper #PerthLoveFest!

Kadampa Buddhist Centre

A modern Buddhist Charity providing a range of classes, courses, public talks, retreats and study programmes.

Balans Pilates

Scotland's largest Pilates Studio offering small group classes of Matwork Pilates, Studio Apparatus Pilates & BarreConcept Classes


VOLUNTEER: PKAVS are a local charity who help to support unpaid carers, people recovering from mental illness, shopmobility and our minority communities.

Maree Deeley Life Therapies

One therapist who encompasses clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and life coaching techniques, to work with you towards achieving your goals.

Honey I Blew Up the Grouse!

Kay starts her Perthshire Adventures with a visit to The Famous Grouse and a wee dram to get her going. A luxury overnight in Gamefield rounds off a perfect day in Perthshire.

Perth Yoga Studio

Offers a wide range of beginner and specialist classes whether you have been practicing for years or want to try yoga for the first time.

PLUS Perth

VOLUNTEER: PLUS is a member-led mental health charity and social movement in Perth and Kinross.

Wilde Thyme At Glenturret Launch

Nicki and Gill head to the launch of Wilde Thyme at Glenturret and find a culinary extravaganza awaiting them.

The Fitness Lady

The Fitness Lady Feel the Glow inside & out with a Stretch & Tone low impact dance exercise class or an outdoor Nordic Walking class!

Claymore Crossfit

Perth's first and only CrossFit box (gym) has new and exciting ways of keeping you fit!

Bannatyne Perth

Perth's premium Health, Fitness and Well-being destination. Friendly, professional and highly trained staff look forward to helping you pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Steven Bonthrone

Personal Training with Steven Bonthrone can help you look better, feel better and have the confidence to go after your goals.

Perthshire's Historical Wonderland

Kay visits Scone Palace, Murrayshall, Balhousie Castle and The Black Watch Museum for a weekend steeped in history and wonder.

The Only Way To Highland Fling!

Our intrepid #SmallCityTourist gained her travel writer stripes when she agreed to throw herself off a cliff edge into some os Perthshire's most stunning scenery - good job we booked her a massage!

Bring On The Birks

#SmallCityTourist, Kay Gillespie headed off on a walking adventure in the Highlands of Perthshire. Rabbie, The Birks of Aberfeldy and a wee visit to the Highland Chocolatier. Perfect.

Althos Clinic

We aim to provide a range of complementary and holistic therapies to cater for your modern day health and wellbeing needs.

Perth Autism Support

VOLUNTEER: A local children's charity with a range of volunteering opportunities!

Perthshire's Glamping Paradise

Our #SmallCityTourist is out and about on her Perthshire adventures and this time she's glamping good style with Ecocamp Glenshee.

Club 300 Exclusive Gym

Club 300 is Perth's very own exclusive gym and personal training studio!

Rest and Relaxation in Perthshire

The annual Sparty Girls jaunt headed 10 minutes east of Perth to Leetown for a #SmallCityTourist adventure that involved doing nothing!

FitSteps Personal Training

"Getting you to your goal, one step at a time." Personal Training & Consultancy based at Fit4Less Perth

Live Active Leisure

Live Active venues offer a range of sports and leisure facilities including, swimming pools, fitness classes, gyms, kids classes, skating and much more.

Lynne McDonald Therapies

Offers a range of complementary therapies in the quiet area of Cherrybank, in Perth.