Club 300- Perth's very own exclusive gym and personal training studio!

Rhona Maxwell

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Club 300 opened in October 2015 as Perth’s Exclusive Gym and Personal Training Studio. It is fast becoming the go to place for anyone looking for fully qualified and trusted personal trainers in the industry. Why wouldn’t it be, having been set up specifically for this by Mike Lindsay a Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience! However, Club 300 or 300 as it's known by its members isn’t just for personal training clients. The clue is in the name but club 300 is open for up to 300 members who can use the facility with no restrictions on usage!

Wellbeing Club300 group picGroup Training

300 offers indoor small group training sessions. With over 20+ classes to choose from, the Octagon Training is very popular with members who want a Coach to lead the sessions. With a maximum of 10 people in each class the coaches can ensure that you understand and learn the best technique to perform and get the most from your workouts. There is also a seamless booking process that allows you to book up to 7 days in advance via your personal online members area so you can plan your workouts in advance! See our current timetable here>>>

Octagon Form

Get certified a ‘safe lifter’ in our Octagon Form classes! Everyone will complete at least one Form class so we can ensure you have mastered the technique before moving you on to our full Octagon timetable. Basic movements that will feature include squats, deadlifts and press ups. When your coach is satisfied you’ve mastered the movements, they’ll sign you off and move you up to the full timetable.

Club 300 water bottlesOctagon Strength

Muscular strength improves performance in all walks of life. Strength focuses on lower reps with heavier weights using more force. As we’ll be lifting heavier weights in this class, good form is essential to prevent injury. Strength training benefits include increased muscle, tendon and ligament strength, bone density, flexibility, tone, metabolic rate and postural support… everyone can benefit from these sessions!

Octagon Endurance

Endurance is your body’s ability to keep pushing through and ‘feel the burn’! Octagon Endurance focuses on high repetitions and an increased time under tension. Including a variety of functional movements, this workout will be a favourite with our members who like a sweat! Improving endurance through physical activity has been shown to decrease anxiety, depression and stress.

Octagon High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a favourite for those members who are highly motivated! There is no specific formula to HIIT as it depends on individual levels of fitness and, more specifically, anaerobic fitness. Our HIIT classes will vary with our coaches ensuring you are working to an intensity that works for you. Studies have shown that HIIT sessions can significantly reduce total body fat and improve insulin resistance – but be prepared to work hard for it!

Octagon Mix

To see continued changes in your body, you need to keep challenging it, and the Mix class does just that. This class is a combination of everything we teach in the Endurance, Strength and HIIT classes for the days that you want to try a bit of everything!

Membership Prices

Exclusive Membership - £39.00pm

Includes use of our powerful and innovative training space for those who like the gym more than classes.

Wellbeing Club300 Octagon RigOctagonMax Membership - £40.00pm

Never use the gym and prefer classes? This is the membership for you! Attend small group training sessions on our state of the art Octagon rig. OctagonMax training is designed to fill the gap between personal training and classes. It’s taught in a class environment, with highly qualified Personal Trainers who will teach and correct technique and ensure progression to improve your ability across a variety of key fitness elements. OctagonMax training will elevate your fitness knowledge and abilities, allowing you to transfer those principles in to a normal gym environment.

Platinum Membership - £59.00pm

For those that want it all – full access to our training space and access to every one of our OctagonMax Group Training sessions!

Wellbeing Mike Lindsay PortraitSpecial Offer

Personal Training is a big part of the club and Mike Lindsay is offering an all inclusive package to get you kickstarted in the new year which includes the following all for just £120!

  • 1 hour nutrition consultation 
  • 1 hour strength, Fitness and postural assessment
  • Bespoke Programme designed
  • 1 hour Personal Training session to take you through programme day 1 
  • 1 hour Personal Training session to take you through programme day 2

For more information please see Club 300 website here>>>

Contact Details

Club 300, 4 Jeanfield Road, PH1 1PH

Tel: 01738 620932/ 07734907606 (mob)

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday - 0645-2130| Saturday - 0800 - 1600

Sundays- closed for events

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