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Balans Pilates-The largest Pilates Studio in Scotland. Offering small group classes of Matwork Pilates, Studio Apparatus Pilates and BarreConcept Classes

By 1st January 2016

Bälans also offers bespoke 1:1 Private sessions where people can experience the benefits of training with an Award Winning and 2nd Generation Pilates Instructor, one of only a handful in the UK.

All our services are popular with both men and women and we can cater for those with mobility problems thanks to our fully adjustable treatment couch and accessible studio. Balans also has plenty of free parking just outside the door.

Spotlight Fitdankbaby JoakimOur owner Joakim, a Swedish born Australian came to the UK in 1998. A former Australian Army Reserve Commando, Bondi Beach Surf Life Saver and TA Physical Training Instructor, Joakim is a Level 3 Pilates Teacher and Sports Therapist.

The warmth of rich wood, soothing aromas and custom built furniture create a relaxing atmosphere. The natural interior colours were specially designed to support earthiness and help one find inner balance. For a touch of fun, all the signage within Bälans is in Joakim’s native tongue, Swedish, as is of course the name of the business which means ‘Balance’. This word was chosen with the intention of creating a space where everyone can refresh their connection with themselves and find a healthier, more balanced way of living

Wellbeing Balans pilates ballPilates

Our Pilates Instructors are highly qualified with Body Control Pilates®, and experienced in the classical Pilates method. The Studio is the only dedicated Pilates space in Perthshire. It is modern, warm and well equipped with everything you need to practice fun, safe Pilates.  We specialise in Private, 1:1 Pilates and additionally offer small Group Pilates Classes.  Beginners are welcome and we guarantee to keep even the advanced trainer challenged and excited about Pilates, teaching you techniques you can take away and practise anywhere without the use of fancy equipment

Wellbeing Balans MatworkMatwork

In a Matwork class you are taught in one of our two spacious Studios. Classes are kept small so that you experience the safest and most effective training possible for Pilates in Perth. We never have more than 12 people in our Matwork Pilates classes.

We are always working toward the Classical Pilates Routine, and every class is different, keeping you interested and challenged at a level that suits you. We have 5 graded levels of classes and our aim is to keep you training with people of a similar level at all times. We teach you the building blocks of basic Pilates and then combine them into more advanced routines as you become comfortable with them. You will learn correct breathing techniques, body awareness, starting postures and all the basic exercises of this very popular and effective form of exercise. New block starting in January 2016!

Wellbeing Balans ApparatusApparatus Pilates

Our bright and spacious Pilates Apparatus Studio is the only one of it’s kind in Perth.

All our equipment is supplied by Balanced Body, the foremost builders of Pilates equipment in the world. We were the first to bring the Allegro II Reformer to Scotland and when you try it you will benefit from the 20 years of development this very latest in Pilates technology has undergone. Balans offers the complete range of Studio Apparatus, including 4 Exo Chairs, 4 Reformers, a Ladderbarrel and the Cadillac.

Each piece of apparatus has its own repertoire of exercises many of which prepare you for the Classical Matwork Routine. The use of adjustable springs to provides resistance which challenges the muscles in new and positive ways.

Antenatal Pilates

We offer safe and enjoyable small group classes run by specialist Pilates Instructors. There are many benefits to practicing Pilates during pregnancy; reduced back pain, increased Pelvic and core stability, preparation for a smooth delivery, relaxation and Wellbeing. Our small Antenatal classes are designed specifically for pregnant women looking to make the most of their experience. You can join this class at any time with no previous Pilates experience.

Wellbeing Balans Fitdankbaby beltFitdankbaby

Fitdankbaby is a very unusual fitness class which is perfect for mums who want to get back to their pre-pregnancy fitness.  It is a German concept which means ‘fit thanks to the baby’ and what is unique about the method is that the baby is an integral part of the class.

During the class mums wear the baby in the patented Fitdankbaby Velcro belt.  This belt allows the weight of the baby to be safely distributed onto the mum’s hips allowing for greater movement and more effective training. The baby is an essential part of the class making the exercises effective for mum and bonding for the child. And even better: the training weight increases as the baby grows throughout the course! 

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Wellbeing Balans Barreconcept largeBarreConcept

Get Ballerina Fit with BarreConcept! BarreConcept is a unique ballet barre workout, set to high-energy music, which dramatically transforms the entire body.
Burn fat with no running, no jumping and no strain on your joints.

Build stamina and endurance, increase flexibility and narrow your waistline!


Our experienced Therapists offer a comprehensive range of treatments. Choose from Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, whether you aim to alleviate back pain, iron out well worn muscles, reduce stress and anxiety or improve general well-being. The extra-wide heated treatment couch and custom built, luxurious treatment room makes the perfect environment to experience an effective, relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

Back Pain

Specialists in helping you to tackle your aches and pains, we provide a wide range of effective solutions to anyone wishing to improve posture, strengthen their back and relieve back pain.

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