Pregnant In Perthshire

Pregnancy is a time when many women start thinking about the importance of looking after themselves; suddenly how you treat your body is at the forefront of your mind. It also opens up a whole new raft of aches, pains and worries and chances are you’re not quite sure what treatments, classes and therapists there are out there locally to help you.

This month’s feature is all about giving pregnant women in Perthshire a source of information; put down the endless list of do’s and dont’s, and explore these great opportunities to help you relax, enjoy a special time, and look forward to the future.

Bälans Pilates Studio | Carse Community Chriropractic | The Daisy Foundation | Martin Ward Photography | NCT Perth & District | Perth Physio Clinic | South Inch Osteopaths | Taylored Massage | Tay Medispa | Tayside Hypnobirthing | Live Active Leisure Bump, Birth, Baby & Beyond | YogaBellies

Martin Ward Photography

A private studio in the heart of Perth where women can capture their beauty during those special few months of pregnancy.

Perth Physio Clinic

A private physiotherapy practice offering high quality treatment during pregnancy and postnatally.

The Daisy Foundation Perthshire

Classes which help mums-to-be fully prepare their body and mind for birth with a combination of gentle movements and techniques.

Tay Medispa

A team of specialists including Pelvic Physio, 2D & 4D Ultrasound Scan, Pregnancy Massage, Prenatal Testing, Homeopathy and Pregnancy Facials.

Taylored Massage

Pregnancy friendly massage to take care of yourself whilst bringing new life into the world!

South Inch Osteopaths

A relaxed and professional multi-disciplinary clinic in Perth with osteopaths, naturopaths, podiatrists and counsellors amongst others.

Carse Community Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care is important before, during and after pregnancy to help your body adapt to all the changes that it is undergoing.

NCT Perth & District

A fantastic team of volunteers all working together to make being pregnant in Perthshire an exciting time!

Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond at Live Active Leisure

If you're expecting a baby, or are a new parent then Live Active have a number of classes to help keep you strong and healthy.

Yoga Bellies

A supportive class in Perth for all ladies, no yoga experience or super flexibility needed!

Bälans Pilates Studio

Bälans Pilates Studio is Scotland’s largest Pilates space and has a variety of classes for pregnant mums to be and new mums with their babies.

Tayside Hypnobirthing

Learn logical, simple, and effective ways to prepare for and help you look forward to birth.