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Ever thought that Chiropractic could help promote comfort and relieve the stresses and strains during pregnancy? Neither had John Jo Breen until he became a father and Chiropractor...

Since then as a husband and father to three children, he has witnessed the uniqueness of each pregnancy and knows that no two are the same. It is through these pregnancies that John Jo and his wife have realised that preparing for the birth of our children is really about preparing themselves for the rest of their lives as parents.

At their wedding, his father said that the best thing a husband can do for his children is to love their mother and this starts during pregnancy, where self care for the mother is vital for both the mother and their baby.

Preparing for the birth of their children is really about preparing themelves for the rest of their lives as parents. Fortunately, in his professional life as a Chiropractor he has been able to provide Chiropractic Care in order to help his wife and patients who are pregnant to be as healthy as possible before, during and after pregnancy.

This is because Chiropractic helps to promote comfort during pregnancy as your body adapts to the changes that it goes through, such as softening of the ligaments, weight increases and changes to posture. These changes can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of your body.

All of these changes are a result of chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are coordinated through your nervous system and controlled by your brain. Your brain and nervous system are the master control system for everything that goes on in your body. Therefore, these critical elements are protected by your skull and spine.

Carse Chiropractic John Jo BreenWhat to expect;

Chiropractors focus on one particular aspect; the spine and its relationship to the brain and nervous system. John Jo Breen, Chiropractor at Carse Community Chiropractic specialises in a gentle and neurologically specific form of Chiropractic, the Neuroimpulse Protocol (NIP), this technique offers you Chiropractic without the Cracks!

An NIP adjustment is a hold and impulse technique directed to restore normal neurological function. It is called a thrust but there is none of the force associated with a mechanical manipulation and is a soft and gentle technique that is ideally suited for providing Chiropractic Care for you during pregnancy.

Why choose Chiropractic;

  • Research* has shown the health benefits of Chiropractic during pregnancy for mother and baby. Studies on backaches have discovered that over 50% of all women complain of lower back pain during pregnancy with sacroiliac joints of the pelvis being most commonly affected.
  • Chiropractic Care has been shown to be safe for both mother and unborn children with regular adjustments resulting in a less stressful pregnancy and a less uncomfortable delivery.
  • Chiropractic Care has been shown to reduce labour time for mothers who had care throughout their pregnancy.

Overall, Chiropractic Care is important before, during and after pregnancy to help your body adapt to all the changes that it is undergoing and as Chiropractors say, Chiropractic can be for everyone from “Birth to the Earth” so following pregnancy it would be an ideal time to get your little bundle of joy checked by a Chiropractor also (but that’s another article...).

Carse Chiropractic white shirtsAbout your Chiropractor…

John Jo is a caring and dedicated husband and father. He was born in Dublin and brought up in Sheffield, and is the eldest of four brothers. He has always had a strong interest in optimizing the function of the human body, driving him throughout life to develop a deeper understanding through his education and personal experiences leading to a Sports Science Degree and becoming a Personal Trainer.

John Jo was initially introduced to Chiropractic after sustaining a back injury through snowboarding. Despite various health professionals declaring that he would never run again, he made a full recovery under Chiropractic Care.

The resolution and its subsequent maintenance through regular Chiropractic adjustments inspired Dr. Breen to become a Chiropractor, giving him the necessary platform to channel his core skills and experiences most effectively to help others.

About Carse Community Chiropractic…

Carse Community Chiropractic is a Home Based Practice in Inchture where they live out their motto that, “Healing Starts at Home.” Their belief is that Chiropractic Care, like other health measures, is there to be utilised regardless of an individual's level of health. We all know we can improve ourselves on a daily basis. A perfectly healthy person needs a good diet, regular exercise, proper rest, a good mental attitude and a nervous system without interference. A person at the other end of the spectrum needs the same.

Chiropractic Care is their offering in this regard.

*References available on request

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