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Rhona Maxwell

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YogaBellies offer yoga classes and ethical products for women at every stage of their lives, including pregnancy and post-partum with baby. Their yoga is NOT just for pregnant ladies, it’s for ALL women and they have clients as young as 14 and old as 100! They offer yoga for women from menstruation to post menopausal. 

YogaBellies® is above all ethical, inclusive and something special for women. They aim to make their products and classes an accessible luxury for all women. Their yoga sessions incorporate authentic yogic and holistic techniques, translated into an environment that’s not intimidating and enjoyable for all. YogaBellies classes are unique in that EVERYONE is always welcome, no matter your shape, size or level of yoga practice. 

Their classes incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures); self-hypnosis and deep relaxation; unique YogaBellies touch therapies and often beautiful Music.They are able to tailor a complete holistic programme for your specific needs and they know and care for all of their clients personally. When you come to YogaBellies, you become part of a beautiful community of women supporting women, across the globe

Classes available are;

Pregnancy Yoga - Monday 17.45 - 19.00

Let Vicki help you prepare for birth in a relaxed and supportive environment surrounded by lots of other ‘mummies to be’ learn postures and breathing techniques to aid you through labour. 

Luna Yoga (Not suitable for pregnancy) - Monday 19.20 - 20.20 and Tuesday 18.00 - 19.00 & 19.20 -20.20

Luna classes are all about giving YOU well deserved time. Just for you and nobody else. Vicki's classes have gentle, relaxing music, lovely aromatherapy, candlelight and of course yoga. Luna classes are for ALL ladies. Vicki doesn’t care what age, shape or size you are and it doesn’t matter if you have never tried yoga before. Beginners are very, VERY WELCOME  It is so important in our busy lives to just take a little time for ourselves. That is exactly what her classes are for. So much more than just yoga.

All classes are held at the Fair Maid Restaurant next to the Isle of Skye Hotel.

Class times/days in Perthshire; Fair Maid Restaurant.

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