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Perth Physio Clinic is a private physiotherapy practice offering high quality treatment during pregnancy and postnatally. Mary Macpherson is a highly experienced physiotherapist, specialising in Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological health.

She offers treatment of many issues that can occur during pregnancy and postnatally. Pelvic girdle pain is a common problem during pregnancy and beyond. This includes problems at the lower back, sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis. Pelvic girdle pain can occur at any time during pregnancy or after child birth.

If pain during pregnancy is starting to interfere with your daily life then it's time to seek help! For many this is accepted as part of the process of having a baby, but if it is starting to interfere with your daily life then it is time to seek help! Early diagnosis can help keep symptoms to a minimum.

Seeing a qualified health professional can help with getting this early diagnosis. Following an assessment, treatment techniques, advice and self-help strategies will be based around your individual requirements.

As well as hands-on treatments for symptom relief, treatments such as acupuncture may also be considered. Mary can also advise on equipment that works ergonomically for you, such as car seats, buggies and prams.

During pregnancy or following the birth of their baby, some women can have problems with continence. This can have a huge impact on quality of life but is rarely discussed and often considered a ‘normal’ consequence of having a baby. However, there are things that can be done. Your treatment with us will include an in-depth assessment and examination.


This helps your physiotherapist formulate an appropriate treatment plan and goals in consultation with you. Pelvic floor exercises are not physically demanding but it is vital to be using the correct technique!

Even if you do not have a specific problem, Perth Physio Clinic can help you maintain your fitness, prepare for child birth and safely start back to exercise. One-to-one Pilates sessions are an excellent way to maintain strength and flexibility, with exercises specifically targeting the areas often affected in pregnancy. With a qualified health professional taking your session, you know you are in safe hands.

Perth Physio Clinic also offers holistic treatments with Lindsay Bennett. Lindsay is a Holistic and Massage Therapist and her (very relaxing!) Clinical Reflexology treatments are suitable both during pregnancy and after the birth.

All appointments can be booked via the Perth Physio Clinic website.

Perth Physio Clinic

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