Could Facebook help you sell your property?

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We live in a digital world. Nowadays, almost everybody is connected to the internet via phones, tablets and computers. In fact, 92% of the UK population have access to the World Wide Web.

One of the things that keeps people connected and is most widely used by those online is Facebook. The brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, it has turned out to be a global phenomenon, making up for 74% of the market share of social media platforms in the UK.

The question is – can Facebook be a useful tool when it comes to selling or buying property? We asked our friends at Clyde Property the answer.

“Absolutely,” said Clyde Property representative, Tara Sinclair. “In fact it’s something that we think can make all the difference in getting a sale, or in getting properties out there to be seen by potential buyers.”

The fact that Facebook has the highest market share when it comes to social media is one thing, but it’s the platforms popularity with the 25-54 age range that makes it even more appealing. That’s the age group that statistically is most likely to be interested in buying or selling property.

On Facebook, you can also create campaigns with adverts to catch the eye of those hunting for a new home – and sometimes those who may not be.

“We target our property ads to specific postcodes, those with particular home ownership statuses, and other relevant demographics,” explains Tara.

“This way not only do we make sure that our ads stay relevant, we also target the market most likely to engage with the ad, share it with their friends and tag others to view.

“The ad function on Facebook also means we can target speculative buyers too. This could be homeowners who may not be looking to move but might be tempted– if it’s for the right home.”

Another bonus when it comes to showcasing properties via Facebook is its compatibility with videos.

74% of all internet traffic in 2017 was via video. And, Facebook can boast 8 billion video views on average every single day!

“We think that in the digital age, video footage of a home can be a game-changer in the market place,” said Sinclair.

“A high quality video can enhance the experience of any potential buyer. And our drone footage allows us to showcase a property from angles and heights that conventional cameras simply cannot achieve.

“A professionally edited video of the property, with the exterior filmed by drone, can really show off the wow factor of a property, and help to raise interest rapidly.”

There are a number of other social platforms available, but are any of them as good as Facebook? Not according to Tara.

“Facebook is the best because of the way you can really narrow down the target audience in your ads,” she said.

“However, we do use a host of other marketing tools to ensure your home reaches as many potential buyers as possible.

“Property portals such as Rightmove and are great, as well as email campaigns to our existing database of potential buyers, window cards and more. Really, everything right down to the For Sale sign – we do everything possible to get properties out there into the public eye and generate maximum interest.”


For more information, or if you’re interested in buying or selling property, visit the Clyde Property listing in our directory for full contact details.

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