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Taking the time to furnish and style your rental property appropriately can set you on your way to a quick and easy let. With the right tenants on board, as well as helping to minimise expenditure on maintenance and repairs down the line can all help too.

If you are a landlord or thinking about becoming one, here are some points that we got from the experts at Clyde on things that you should consider when preparing a property to let.

Appeal to your target tenants

It pays to have a think about who is looking to live in the area where your rental property sits – these are your target tenants. As the people you are looking to win over, you should make choices on style and the finish of your Go for quality where possible when it comes to furniture, wall and floor coverings property that will appeal to your target tenants. For example, if you are in a popular family area, near good schools and amenities, try to factor in plenty of storage options throughout the property as well as going for practical finishes, such as child-friendly coloured carpeting and easy-to-clean surfaces.

If you are in a commuter area sought-out by young professionals, you might need more luxurious touches throughout the property. Keep your audience in mind and steer away from your own personal tastes if they don’t match who is looking to rent in the area. You can take inspiration from local show homes, which will have been professionally styled to suit the local market, or speak to a local estate agent for insider insight.

Quality furnishings that last

Clyde Trends - IndustrialAs a landlord you are looking to maximise your investment, but this doesn’t always mean going for the cheapest options in terms of fixtures, fittings and furniture. You may find yourself with a constant turnover of new tenants, or a series of longer-term lets, either way you want to prepare for wear and tear and avoid having to make updates and carry out repairs on poor-quality interiors that don’t last. Go for quality where possible when it comes to furniture, wall and floor coverings to ensure durability, as it may well save you money and hassle in the longer-term.

Consider pets

One of the biggest turn off for tenants is not being able to have a beloved cat or dog in their home.&nbsp According to estimates, around 45% of the UK population own a pet of some description. That makes for a lot of renters looking for a pet-friendly home. By not allowing pets, you’ll be excluding a large number of prospective tenants – and it’s worth remembering that pet ownership is a sign of responsibility.

Curtains and blinds

Clyde Trends - OrientalAgain, you may be tempted to save money and leave window dressing for tenants to sort out themselves. Installing good quality curtains and blinds as part of getting your property ready to show is also a good call. It will make the interiors look more finished and home-like as well as avoiding any DIY blunders when tenants try to put up their own curtain poles, which could lead to damage that needs repaired. Curtains are good for living rooms, whereas blinds are often a cheaper option for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Well-chosen accessories

Again, take the lead from your target tenants when it comes to decoration. It’s a fine balance between putting too much of a personal-stamp on a property and making a rental property feel like a home you could settle in. A few mirrors, artworks and well-placed plants and ornaments can make the property look cared-for and help potential renters imagine themselves moving in.

Finishing touches

Clyde Trends - New NordicIt doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile when preparing for viewings – particularly in competitive markets or when you know your target tenants may have high standards looking to be met. Think about the atmosphere of your property when viewers come in – the temperature, smell, lighting. A few well-placed lamps help create a mood and some sweet smelling flowers or candles can appeal to the senses, creating a positive impression for viewers – who hopefully won’t be able to resist wanting to become your new tenants!


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