Gary Henderson : Roving Reporter

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Name: Gary Henderson

Role: Reporter/Copywriter

LinkedIn Profile: ghenderson93

What does a typical day at work look like?

A typical day is normally loaded with writing! In the mornings I’ll do press cuttings and check local papers, and then I’ll crack on with writing. On a good day, I’ll get to venture out of the office to interview someone which is always a nice break from the computer!

What's the best part about your job?

Getting out and about, meeting people and speaking to lots of interesting locals! There are so many great people in this city and it’s really cool getting to chat to them and find out more about their story!

How do you spend your weekends/days off?

If you were looking to assassinate me I’d probably be very easy to find – at the weekend you’ll either find me propping up the bar at Christies or on the golf course at Auchterarder!

Words of wisdom...

What’s for you won’t go by you…

Team-mate most likely to: Be hungover

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