Dave Low

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I first met Dave Low when we were both studying HNC music at Perth College last year.  We immediately bonded over our love of blues music and banter and we even ended up playing in the same college band.  We blew the audience away with our amazing renditions of 'Trouble so Hard', 'The Rocky Theme' and 'Tear In My Heart'.  Ok... well... maybe not... but we had a lot of fun!

However, it wasn't until I attended a gig at Perth Museum last March (you can read about it here) that I realised what a great blues guitarist Dave actually is.  Since then his career as a blues musician, accompanied by Cajon player Dave Murray, has really started to take off.  The two Dave's have played regular slots at The Green Room and The Venue, and last summer were a feature on the festival circuit including appearances at Craigie Hill Festival and Party in the Park.

I haven't seen Dave as much as I would like since leaving college so it was great to sit down with him and chat about life, music and being additive free.

Tell us the weirdest/funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work?

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM - Close Up DavesOne time when we were cleaning up at night in a popular fast food pizza place, I decided I would mop the floor myself before closing up. As I began mopping, the trainers I was wearing were trailing dirt and sooking up the water from the floor. The only solution I could think of was to do it barefoot. So....the strangest experience in work was mopping the floor barefoot.

What signals the start of your days off?

First thing is a cup of coffee, I cannot start a day without a fresh brew. I'll then take the dog out for a walk. I don't generally get days off as I'm a student and self-employed so I'm either completing coursework or working on writing/recording at the moment. If I take a full day off I'm generally indoors gaming.

What might people be surprised to know about you?

These days its probably the fact that I'm into heavy metal that surprises people the most. As I play mostly acoustic sets, a lot of people assume that I only listen to blues or folk. But I love some old school thrash metal, if it's not 200bpm are you doing it right?

What is at the top of your bucket list?

I would like to travel to America and visit New Orleans and travel the Delta blues trail. To travel where the blues originated would be out of this World.  I would most definitely be taking my guitar with me on that trip.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I used to work in a call centre that dealt with broadband, specifically tech support. It was the most mind-numbingly boring and sometimes frustrating job.  Try phoning your grandad and get him to set up your internet from scratchTry phoning your grandad and get him to setup your internet from scratch, then ask him to go on your computer and setup your email account from scratch.  Bear in mind for this service you will need to manually add your incoming and outgoing mail server details....sorry if that's too much detail!

Who or what inspires you?

I get inspired by different things I guess.  I'm inspired by my peers at uni and also my friends who are also pursuing a career in the music industry. Locally the music scene is out of this world and there's something for everyone.  I don't get out to watch as much as id like but I still attend open mic regularly.  That can be inspiring as you don't know what's coming through the door.

Tell us about the day you’d love to live again?

The time I played a gig at Perth prison springs to mind.  I was just starting out and I was a little wet behind the ears but it was a great opportunity.  Made me feel like Johnny Cash!

What’s the best part about your job?

I'm my own boss at the moment.  I work to my own deadlines. I decide my own rate of pay.  I get to work indoors.  It's also my hobby. Oh, did I mention I that I don't have have a boss?

Complete this sentence; the best things in life are….

Free from additives. 


You can keep up to date with Dave and any upcoming gigs on his Facebook page here >>> and buy a recording of his concert at Perth prison here>>>

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