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Rowan Consultancy have been helping Perthshire people lead more satisfying lives for over 20 years.

The team of counsellors, coaches, mediators and trainers help you reflect on your personal or work life, increase your self-awareness and make choices about how you want to be.

“We love helping people release the blocks to their natural resilience and creativity” says Rachel Weiss, senior partner at Rowan. 

wellbeing 2019 - rowan consultancy rachel"People come to us for counselling at times of crises or change. Our specialist young people’s counsellors work with adolescents as they navigate school or home issues, helping them build their confidence and resilience. Our couple’s counsellors help couples have honest, respectful conversations about their relationships.”

Rowan’s services include:

  • Counselling for individuals, couples and young people
  • Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Critical incident response
  • People skills training

Rowan helps businesses throughout Scotland to support and upskill their workforce through employee counselling services, workplace mediation, coaching and leadership training. Long standing customers include Perth College UHI and Caledonian Housing, whilst the newest is Scouts

“We love helping people release the blocks to their natural resilience and creativity”

Manager as Coach is Rowan’s next public course, helping learn and practice a coaching approach, so that they can better support and empower their teams. It runs in Perth on March 25th 2019.

"This course has given me a great skill to take back and implement in my workplace". Senga Murray, Restaurant manager, Glendoick Garden Centre

The COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills is one of Rowan’s most popular courses, running annually since 2004, giving people a qualification in counselling skills. Some people take the course to improve their listening skills in daily life, to better support family and friends, others are sent by their
workplace to improve their support skills for service users whilst other do the qualification as a first step towards training to be a counsellor. The next course starts on August 20th 2019. Here’s what some of the participants say:

"Challenging but so worthwhile, not only learning skills to use in my volunteering role, but also helping me to understand myself a bit better".

"I would thoroughly recommend this course, it can be challenging and thought-provoking, but absolutely worth it!"


As well as helping the people of Perthshire lead more satisfying lives at home and at work, Rowan sponsor local charity: Menopause Café. This year Rowan was pleased to be awarded the Association for Scottish Businesswomen’s Award for Commitment to the Community, for their work with Menopause Café, which raises awareness of the effects of the menopause at home and at work.

Rowan will be sponsoring the world’s first Menopause Festival in Perth on April 26th and 27th 2019.

So if you’d like a coach or counsellor to help you live a more satisfying life in 2019, contact Rowan via or 01738 562005.

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