Claymore CrossFit

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Perth's first and only CrossFit box (gym) has new and exciting ways of keeping you fit!

Claymore CrossFit believe that when working out in groups and focusing on skills such as Olympic lifting and gymnastics (Pull ups, hand stand walking and many more) you'll always be motivated to come back for more!

Their Gym

The programme delivers constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness that is scalable for any level of participant. They can program for beginner CrossFitters to advanced athletes aiming to compete. 

They'll gauge your level of fitness from the beginning therefore allowing you to tailor the programmed workout of the day (WoD) to your needs. What's great about CrossFit is that there is lots of emphasis on technique meaning everyone has room for progression. 

The team at Claymore CrossFit know that everyone has started at the bottom so ego's get left at the door - we are all in it together!

What is Claymore CrossFit? 

Check out this video to find out more on what you can expect at Claymore Crossfit in Perth city centre:

Claymore CrossFit pride themselves on having well trained functional fitness coaches to ensure safety and efficiency whilst practicing the skills of CrossFit. Every workout is scalable which means skills can be made easier so everyone can complete a workout no matter what their level.

They are open from 6am and run a wide variety of sessions from midday right up to 8.30pm. For more information you have a look at their timetable here>>> 


To join in on the fun choose one of the membership options where you will attend 1 x one hour 1-2-1 beginner sessions and then have access to all CrossFit sessions.

There's a variety of membership options which you can see here>>>




"I joined Claymore on a whim after a particularly boring session at the gym running miles on the treadmill without getting anywhere! I was fed up doing the same classes every week without feeling any real benefit or improvement in my fitness level. The coaches and other members made me feel really welcome. Initially, the small class sizes were a bit daunting as there was 'nowhere to hide' but actually it's really beneficial as it means the advice and encouragement that you are given by the coaches is specific to you and not generic as it is in a large class.

Wellbeing Claymore Crossfit class picThe workouts themselves are dynamic and challenging and the different options /levels are great because you can work on improving the things that you find more difficult.

I've been pleasantly surprised at some of the things that I've achieved in a short space of time, after week one I was already feeling stronger! I'd recommend Crossfit to anyone who is looking for something that's tough but fun and who wants to make the most of the time that they spend working out. It is definitely addictive!" 


"When I was encouraged to join Crossfit by a friend, I knew it was something that I would be interested in, but I found myself making excuses why not to go. I looked up some videos online and quite frankly I was scared! I thought I would have to be at a really high level of fitness to even attempt it, but my friend said that this wasn’t the case and I should come along and try it anyway. Three weeks ago, after not doing any exercise for a year, I joined claymore Crossfit.

The massive amount of support you get from your Crossfit peers makes anything seem possible!

All of the exercises are scalable (can be made easy and you work your way up the levels in time) so that anyone with ANY level of fitness can take part. Not only the support from Chris, Alasdair and Alex, but also the massive amount of support you get from your Crossfit peers makes anything seem possible!

They are with you 100% of the way and give you the strength you need to keep going just as you are about to give up! If you are looking to exercise but lack motivation, don’t push yourself hard enough at the gym, don’t know the right techniques, give up too easily or just fancy a challenge then I guarantee this is the place for you! Not to mention the good banter to be had and friends to be made!" 

Contact Details

CrossFit Claymore, 69 South Methven St, Perth, PH1 5NX

Tel: 07879645379 (mob)

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