Rona Hatton

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You know those massive super yachts you see the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z on, sipping chilled glasses of expensive champagne and soaking up the sun in the glistening blue waters of the likes of Monte Carlo? Well, Rona was a Chef on board super yachts just like this that were owned and chartered by billionaires sailing the world! She did this for 17 years before taking on some new - but equally as exciting! - challenges.

Private chef, mother, volunteer for the National Childbirth Trust NCT - including Volunteer Coordinator for the Nearly New Sale - and Breast Buddies Peer Supporter, Rona Hatton is a busy woman with so many interesting stories to tell.

1. Tell us the weirdest / funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work?

There have been a lot of those, many I can not tell!

Rona Hatton - Red wallThere was a time some years back when my husband and I were working on a Traditional Sailing Yacht in the West Coast of Scotland.

We were in the outer Hebrides trying to book a holiday for our only week off in the season, but had very limited phone signal. Determined to get this well needed holiday booked, we found a spot where we could just get a signal. While on the phone we explained our situation, and all they could keep saying was can you not get to a landline? We were in the middle of nowhere with regards to things like that, and had gone to some lengths to find the signal we did have, floating in the middle of the sea in a rubber dingy...the holiday was worth it though!

There was also a yacht owner’s wife, where nothing could be cold enough. The frozen ice cream was not cold enough, and as for the white wine - her most common complaint - even when I put in the freezer and it came out slushy, it was still not cold enough, really!

Well sir you sent me on a donkey!

Also, there was a time when I needed to provision the yacht in Indonesia, not the easiest of places to provision. I got off the yacht to find I had a donkey and kart to go shopping with, it was a really cool way to do it, but the boss did ask me how come it took so long! Well sir you sent me on a donkey and your wife had to talk to everybody we met!

2. What signals the start of your days off?

When Toby is home, hopefully a wee lie in, or coffee in bed, then a nice leisurely breakfast.

The weekends my niece is here, my brother gets up and quite often cooks various crepes or pancakes, Buckwheat with cheese, spinach and egg are a favourite at the moment.

Rona Hatton - With family3. What might people be surprised to know about you?

I spent a very cold winter in Scotland in a freezing cold shed, converting our 4x4 truck into an Overland Camper, with the help of my Dad. My dad is a very skilled person and, taught me many skills.

The finished camper is completely wood lined with a bespoke wooden interior, from the kitchen worktops, cupboard and drawers to the bed and wardrobe. Full central heating, including underfloor heating, battery management systems, the list goes on!

4. What is at the top of your bucket list?

I have had a pretty fortunate life, and seen a lot of the world, and been to some amazing places. Vietnam is a favourite. I love to travel. A Hot Air Ballon ride in Cappadoccia in Turkey was amazing, I took my Husband there for his 40th. Watching a Whale breach right next to the yacht in Scotland near the Small Isles is a highlight.

I would also love to train as a Sushi Chef in Japan. 

The Arctic is a place I would love to sail to, we nearly got a job taking a yacht up there, but the owner pulled out in the end. I would also love to train as a Sushi Chef in Japan. I saw a really good intensive course at a Sushi School there.

5. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Ha ha! There have been a few of those working on yachts! Cleaning up after an exploding toilet is one!

6. Who or what inspires you?

My little boy is pretty inspiring at the moment, he makes me want to be a really good Mum.

7. Tell us about the day you’d love to live again?

There are so many of those, variety is the spice of life.

8. What’s the best part about your job?

As a Mum, having a happy little boy.

As a Chef, cooking an amazing meal for my clients and being asked to the table so they can thank me personally, it makes all the hard work worth it.

When sailing in rough seas seeing dolphins having fun next to you, or seeing a whale on a beautiful sunny morning, sunsets and sunrises.

As a volunteer, hearing that you or the event you have supported has enhanced someone else’s life in some way.

9. Complete this sentence; the best things in life are….

Friends and family, good food, laughter, love and our environment, look after it folks.


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Photography by Ruth Segaud Photography: view her other work here.

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