Holly MacDonald : Business Manager

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Name: Holly MacDonald

Job Title: Business Manager

Member of: CIM registered

What does a typical day at work look like?

Every day is different. I could be out on a photoshoot taking and editing pictures for a red string client, writing up a column for our online magazine or scheduling social media posts! I manage a lot of different elements of the business and it's the variety that makes my role so much fun.

What's the best part about your job?

The small city team of course! It's great to be around such talented, fun and positive people on a daily basis, like really! The days that Rhona brings us in a a sweet treat, or when we all come together to produce the amazing small city food and drink mags, that's a proud moment -  we don't call ourselves the A-team for nothing!

How do you spend your weekends/days off?

Mostly catching up with family and friends or out for long walks with Louie my French Bulldog.

Words of wisdom. Have courage and be kind.

Team-mate most likely to: raid the snack drawer!

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