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We sent Holly and Hannah off to Rae Peacock Hair, Beauty and Wellbeing to put their new beauty room and therapist Sheree to the test.

HOLLY : Thai Refloxology

The older I get the more intrigued I’ve become by holistic and alternative therapies.  I frequently find myself googling the lunar calendar, wearing a rose quartz crystal around my neck and researching  what the best crystals are for bringing good vibes and energy to every room of the house.  (This was perfectly illustrated recently when I was having a moan about one of my house plants withering and my partner Ally said ‘why not hang a crystal round it?’. ‘Would that be too much?’ I wondered.)

Running alongside this curiosity for all things holistic, alternative and mystical, is a longstanding love affair with the beauty industry.  I spent my youth sitting at my granny’s dressing table slathering on shimmering candy pink lipstick, powdering myself with foundation powder that was way too dark for my peely-wally skin, and finishing off the look with a slick of liquid eyeliner - et voila! The perfect look for a dog walk in the country with my bemused grandad.

Fast forward twenty years, and my oompa-loompa style of makeup has been tucked safely into the pages of the past and my current daytime look is the natural no make-up (but actually make-up!) vibe.

The key to achieving this glowing natural look starts with good overall health and wellbeing.  For me, this has translated over the years as acupuncture, fruit enzyme peels, dermaplaning, crystal healing and basically anything else beauty related!  So, when I was invited to try out the new Thai Reflexology at Rae Peacock Hair and Beauty, I didn’t need much persuasion!

As a wee aside, I’m now a loyal fan of their natural ‘Comfort Zone’ skincare range – and their therapist Sheree – and I recently enjoyed a Comfort Zone Skin Regimen facial. It uses new facial massage techniques that are aid to bring an ethereal glow to your face. I walked out feeling like Rosie Huntington Whiteley at this year’s Met Gala - minus the golden Ralph Lauren dress, 300,000 Swarovski crystals and golden halo of course, but still feeling pretty damn amazing!

In short Sheree – despite reinforcing the fact that she is not a medical professional - managed to extract a lot of truth from my feet!Would the Thai Reflexology take me one step further and help me channel my inner Kim K I wonder?!

The original knowledge and techniques of Thai Reflexology were carefully guarded secrets kept by the Buddhist monks of the Thai Royal Palace. They have since have been passed down through the generations and it’s now used by therapists around the globe to create a feeling of deep relaxation, balance, and well-being.  

My treatment started with Sheree letting me know what would happen and showing me some of the tools she’d be using; the small, dark mahogany, drumstick-looking tool would prod specific parts of my feet she said!  We discussed my general health and I stated confidently that I was pretty healthy with no real complaints.  However, I was secretly nervous for what she might ‘find’ in my feet.  I’m a self-confessed sucker for a celebrity blog and I’d recently been reading Jessica Knowles’ story explaining how she didn’t realise she was pregnant, but her reflexologist did, and that’s how she found out! (EEK! I think I would have to be stretchered out in shock!)

When the treatment started it was an unusual but satisfying feeling. Sheree used the soft side of her fist to ‘dunt ‘my heel as this helps awaken your energy and I must admit it did make me feel more alert.  There were certain areas on my feet where the stick would slip and she couldn’t seem to get a good ‘prod’ at it. 

It was at this area that she would ask if I had problems with whatever that area related to in terms of my overall body. In my case it was my nose/sinuses. Turns out, I’d actually been at the doctor the week before about my constant blocked sinuses and nasal polyps, and I hadn’t even mentioned this to Sheree in my confident ‘Yeah I’m super healthy!’ assessment at the start of the treatment.

The next area in question was my lower back - on the left side - and I realised that this is exactly where I suffer from what my doctor has previously diagnosed as sacroilliac pain after an over enthusiastic running machine incident! In short Sheree – despite reinforcing the fact that she is not a medical professional - managed to extract a lot of truth from my feet!

At the end of the treatment I felt relaxed but energised with a slight achy head.  It’s common to have a slightly sore head after this treatment as reflexology helps stimulate the body to flush out stored toxins.  It’s a similar principal to your muscles being stimulated and then aching after a workout.  

Everything Sheree said rang true with me and if you’re looking for something new to help you relax then I would highly recommend this treatment. Of course, my intrigue for ancient practices is now peak curious and I’m about to book in for the hopi ear candling next to help with the aforementioned sinus problems!

HANNAH : LVL Lash Lift and Tint

In what seems like an eternity ago, I trained in the beauty industry (although I am a bit rusty) and since then I’ve always kept my eye out for new treatments and experiences.  So when Holly invited me to join her on her review I was there with lash-lusting bells on!  I’d never been to Rae Peacock’s before, and I loved the atmosphere as soon as I walked in. The salon is alive with people, and between every stylist greeting you and a Chambord and prosecco thrust into your hand as soon as you arrive, it was easy to see what all the hype was about!

Winding down from the hustle and bustle of a Thursday afternoon we were eager for our treatments; I had booked the LVL lash lift and tint, so I had been in 48 hours beforehand for my patch test.  Sheree checked there was no irritation and talked me through the treatment process.

I lay down on the heated plinth with a blanket over me and she began by combing out my lashes and placing silicone shields on my upper lids.  She then gently pulled my lashes up onto the shield (which is strangely satisfying) then applied a perming lotion to the roots. As the lotion has to stay on for 10-15 minutes to work, Sheree offered a foot massage, which of course I readily accepted (I mean, who wouldn't) 

Having these extra mini treatments not only makes the experience much more enjoyable, but also really comfortable as well.  I’m now lying with silicone shields on my eyes, my feet being gently massaged and I'm feeling extremely relaxed.  This was an unexpected bonus to my ‘looking good’ treatment so when a second lotion was applied and needed a further 10-15 minutes I was already in the zone…  What's that you say Sheree? A hand massage? Well, if you insist! 

I have to say, I’m impressed - we've all been the client who has popped in to get a quick lash tint and been left lying there while the therapist nips out to check her phone!  The first few minutes are okay but by the 4th, 5th and 6th minute my mind’s in overdrive.  Can I feel this in my eye?  Am I blind? How ugly do I look right now? Will she ever come back? Wait.. That's definitely in my eye now,  I'm going to have to scream!

Having these extra mini treatments not only makes the experience much more enjoyable, but also really comfortable as well.  

Curl completed, Sheree then applied the tint to darken my lashes – WOWSERS! I've had tints before but having the lift with it tint certainly added some va-va-voom to the overall look.  I'm officially hooked!


With a fantastic range of treatments, an exceptional product range and the sort of therapist that once you find you hold on to for dear life, I promise you will love a pamper at Rae Peacock’s.  You can see all full list of treatments on their website here >>> 

Holly and Hannah were offered complementary treatments in return for either a published or private review.

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