20 May 2016 Podcast #5
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The Caravan of Love has Arrived!

By 20th May 2016

Hey there me hearties! Welcome to this week’s podcast.

Right now I’m feeling SUPER uncomfortable all the time and it’s rubbish. The moving day from house to Caravan is drawing closer. I’m still surrounded by too much stuff and everything seems to be moving S U P E R S L O W.

The caravan of love is now outside my flat. This is AMAZING. I’ve caught myself gazing in lovingly a few times recently, still not quite believing that it’s mine and that it’s going to be my home. I have honestly wanted to do this my whole life!

It keeps hitting me “slap” like a wet kipper in my face when I’m doing normal things that I’ve taken for granted. You know like doing my washing or washing myself. The caravan has no washing machine and I still have no idea how to operate the shower. In fact, the whole water system is a mystery to me.

The hardest thing is the interruption in my Sanctuary. My wee flat was that, until I decided to do this mission. Now every single thing I own has to be dealt with. Every. Single. Thing. I’m finding it difficult to relax when I’m home because of that and the caravan doesn’t feel like home yet.. Uncomfortable

I’m still SUPER excited tho! Hahaha

I hope you enjoy the podcast this week. It sure was a pleasure to make Catto and Dougal were hanging round the studio (desk) today as you can see from the photos. My wee furry pals :-) LOVES X

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Lady Miss Em. X



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20 May 2016 Podcast #5