How To Enjoy The Small City Podcast

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Welcome to the home of the Small City Podcast from the marvellous Lady Miss Emma.  So many of you were missing this crazy chick and her drivetime show that we decided to bring her back! YAY!

We're delighted that you'd like to learn more about how to enjoy the sounds of our favourite Musical Miss via her Small City Podcast.

It's really easy and you can choose three great ways to tune in and enjoy!

  1. From the home page of the website, simply click the PLAY button in our Podcast box and the most recent show will pop up and start to play.  You can leave this box open and playing while you browse the fab stories on our online mag, visit other websites or simply go about your business.

  2. Click onto the MORE>>> link from the box and you'll land on our podcast page where you can read Emma's blog, click through her pics and leave your requests, comments and chat for Lady Miss herself.   From here you can PLAY and go forth as in stage one.

  3. Choose the DOWNLOAD option from either of these boxes and you can save our podcast to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer and play at a later stage when you're offline.  So you can enjoy the sound of Lady Miss Emma on the go, in the car or standing in boring lines!


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