Exercise Exam Stress Away

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It’s one of the most stressful periods in a young person’s life. They feel under a huge amount of pressure, spending hours upon hours cramming as much knowledge inside their heads as possible. All-nighters, overloading on caffeine and feeling as though none of what you’ve learned has stuck – of course I’m talking about exams!

For many kids, the next few weeks will go a long way to determining which universities or colleges they are able to attend to further their education or will impact their future employment credentials. It’s an important time but what’s even more important is managing the stress effectively so that it doesn’t impact their ability to complete the exams to the best of their ability.

Stress is inevitable. We all feel it at one point or another, and I can bet anyone reading this will be under or will have been under stress at some point in their life. To some extent stress is good for us and a little bit of it can motivate us and make us perform better, but if it gets too much it can become crippling.

One of the best ways to manage stress is by exercising and scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilise mood, improve sleep and increase self-esteem and confidence. Even just five minutes of aerobic activity has been proven to stimulate anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects! Live Active Leisure has a limited offer for the youngsters of Perthshire - a 30-day Fitness Pass for just a tenner!

And with the exam season just around the corner, Live Active Leisure has a limited offer for the youngsters of Perthshire to make the most of. Ease the stress of exams by picking up a 30-day Fitness Pass for just £10 and get the feel good endorphins pumping. It might be the best tenner you’ll ever spend!

The Fitness Pass gives users unlimited access to Live Active’s gyms, fitness classes, swimming pools, sports halls and multi-use games area pitches. You can purchase one of these passes from any Live Active venue in Perthshire from April 23rd to May 6th and the offer is open to school kids aged between 12 and 18.

Take your head out of the books for a couple of hours each day and do something physical to help manage your exam stress. Live Active has fantastic classes across all of the venues catering for all fitness levels, as well as great gym facilities and swimming pools if you prefer to do it by yourself. Buddy up with your classmates and help each other to manage what is undoubtedly a very anxious and stressful moment in your lives.

Overstudying can be counter-productive, so why not drop the books and shut down your laptop for a few hours and get yourself along to the gym. Make it part of your revising routine because it’s just as important as reading up and remembering excerpts from Shakespeare for your critical essay.

Who knew getting to the gym and hitting the treadmill during study leave could help you to ace your Higher English?


For more information on the 30-Day Fitness Pass, visit the Live Active Leisure website.

The image for this article was captured by local freelance photographer, Fraser Band.

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