Local charity PLUS are offering free training to help develop skills to assist people experiencing emotional distress.

Coping With Emotional Distress Training

28th SEPTEMBER 2017


Queens Hotel

Leonard St
Perth and Kinross
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Local charity PLUS are offering free training to help develop skills to assist people experiencing emotional distress.

A local mental health charity, PLUS, are offering free training to local people to develop skills in assisting people experiencing emotional distress. A one day workshop will take place on Thursday 28 Sept in the Queens Hotel, Perth. starts 10 am finishes 4.30.

PLUS Perth, mental health campaigning organisation, have worked over the last 3 years to promote emotionalCPR ( eCPR) a globally acclaimed training which assists people in crisis through connecting, empowering and revitalising. Lead trainer Dr Dan Fisher, a psychiatrist with his own experience of schizophrenia developed eCPR with others at the National Empowerment Centre, Massachusetts.  Perth is the first place in the UK to train people in the eCPR approach with people coming from all over Scotland to access it.

Susan Scott PLUS Manager said;

I met Dr Fisher at a government event in the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh about four years ago. Around one year later he was back in Scotland facilitating a workshop for PLUS in St Marys Monastery, Perth. The trainings we have provided have been very successful. People describe them as profound and life changing.  I myself have found eCPR to be a huge help in the work I do but equally in relationships outside of work. Most people experience distress in their lifetime - it’s good to be able to respond to them in the best way possible.

In order to raise the funding the charity appealed to around 15 Trust and Foundations securing funding from The Souter Trust, The Guildry,  The Forteviot Trust and the Hugh Fraser Foundation.

“We would like to thank those very generous funders.  By providing these opportunities we hope to build more resilient people and communities by and to scale it up so more people can benefit from it in the future.

For more information on eCPR visit www.emotional-cpr.org or the charity’s website www.plusperth.co.uk.

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