Adventure Circus

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Adventure Circus opened for classes in April 2015 and has steadily grown from one adult class a week to a variety of classes for toddlers, children, teens and adults and they want you to run away with the circus too!

Circus performers are well known for their strength and bravery, and Adventure Circus is well set up to help you on your journey so that you can conquer that annoying fear of heights, or gain the ability to climb a rope.  Always wanted to attempt trapeze or master the colourful silks? They can help with that too!

Always wanted to attempt trapeze or master the colourful silks?Adventure Circus are encouraging people to get up, move more, and explore what the circus can offer, because their sessions are not only fun but good for you too! To help, they offer a range of weekly classes for all abilities and interests including juggling, hula hooping, acrobalance, fitness and aerial acrobatics. 

By coming to an Adventure Circus class you may also notice that your mental health improves as the circus also brightens up your social life (circus is the most friendly and least competitive of the fitness choices out there!) 

Trapeze classes (aerial acrobatics) focus on strength and it can require a lot of upper body and core strength just to get up on the apparatus without assistance, but everyone has to start somewhere, and it is totally normal to need a boost up to the bar.  The Adventure Circus instructors all had the same challenges when starting out so know lots of tips and tricks to get you up in the air!

“I did worry that the coaches might be a bit.....”precious” about taking on an unfit, stekky, extra weight bearing wumman on the wrong side of 50.....but my concerns were groundless, this place is awesome! The staff are just brilliant, clearly they love it and they want you to love it too. Can’t recommend highly enough, anyone able to, should have a go at this. Fabulous facility and just theeeee best laugh! I still cannae do it.......but I’m havin great fun trying!”


Juggling and hula hoop require a lot of concentration and practice time, but once you can master a three ball juggle you will be the envy of your friends and at summer parties your hula hooping tricks will be the wonder of the guests!  And if you can crack walking on your hands, then you definitely won’t feel like the circus clown!

Circus Tots

Monday and Friday (11am and 1.40pm respectively). If spending more quality time with your young family is a goal for 2019, then Circus Tots allows parents/grandparents and toddlers to have fun circus-style together! Suitable for walkers–age 5.

Juggle Club

Saturday at 12.30pm.  If you have mastered a three ball juggle then Adventure Circus will help you progress to four and five ball juggling, club and ring juggling and juggle games such as club passing over a net! 

If you can’t juggle at all, but want to learn, then they can help with that too!

Adventure Circus GemmaAcrobalance classes

Sundays at 3pm. Acrobalance is a circus art which put simply is partner lifting. In these weekly sessions they explore the individual development of particular dynamic moves such as positioning for basing another person for standing and lying moves.

Hula Hooping

Sunday at 6pm. New for 2019 is weekly hula hoop classes where you will learn impressive tricks and how to dance with a hoop. Suitable for all abilities, the beginners block of classes also include your own hula hoop to keep, how awesome is that!

Check out the Hula Hooping Class Below!

Circus Fitness

Monday at 6.30pm. This session is a great way to start your aerial circus journey.  A group exercise class that covers core strength (planks and push ups), an aerial circuit (pull ups and climbing ropes – but which can be modified for beginners) and handstands (also modified for beginners)!

Aerial acrobatic classes

Adult classes are at various times throughout the week and introduce you to trapeze, rope, silks and lyra (hoop).  Beginners classes are Monday and Friday daytime (12.30pm), Tuesday at 7.15pm (a short waiting list applies to this class) and Sunday at 4pm.


If you really like circus, then you can show off your new found skills in class showcases, theatre shows, or out in the public at festivals!  Check out this clip of the last Adventure Circus Presents show, Lost!


Adventure Circus offers classes in blocks of 5 weeks. Occasional taster sessions are also organised, and special workshops with guest teachers.

Prices start from £1 (juggle club is a drop in, pay as you go class) up to an equivalent of £8 an hour for beginners aerial classes.  If you book into a block of classes then Circus Fitness is discounted to £5 a class. (usually £8)

There is no contract or joining fee but some terms and conditions do apply when booking.

For more information about the full range of classes, the timetable and terms and conditions, please see the Adventure Circus website >>>

Full contact details for Adventure Circus can be found on our Directory >>>

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