Santa Claus

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Some people call him Santa Claus or Father Christmas while others go with the more old-school Kris Kringle or Saint Nicholas.  In West of New York, in Pennsylvania, many German farmers called him Pelznickel. This word derived from “pelz,” or fur, and “nickel” for Nicholas. So, to the Pennsylvanian's, Saint Nicholas was a man dressed in fur who came once a year with gifts for good children. 

Whatever you call him he is someone who will remain in the hearts of children forever. He is the make-believe person who brings toys and other gifts at Christmas. To grown-ups, he represents eternal goodwill and selfless giving.  So selflessly giving that he even managed to take a few moments out of his hectic schedule to chat with us about his work legacy and what he does with his spare time (most of it in the Summer).

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I know everyone's only really interested in my work in the run-up to Christmas day so I'll run through a typical Christmas eve with you.  I usually get up around 6.30 am and stick a brew on while I update the naughty and nice database on my ageing MacBook Pro.  It can be pretty gruelling work so when I get done I usually pour myself a nice stiff glass of eggnog to settle my nerves before tucking into a breakfast bap filled with turkey, pigs-in-blankets, stuffing and gravy.  Mmm... Christmassy.  I've got a hard day ahead of me so I've got to keep my strength up.

Santa Workdays- RudolphThen I head outside to quickly feed Rudolph before heading over to the factory to see how the elves are getting on with Toy production.  I have to keep a strict eye on quality control or things just go to pot.  The other day I did a spot check on a Scrabble game only to find that there was no "L" in the box (Get it?  Noel?).

After that, I tackle the job that I have been putting off all day.  The Mail!  I take the sledge through the McDonald's drive-thruSeriously, Christmas mail is the bane of my life.  Despite trying to keep my address a closely guarded secret those do-gooders at the Royal Mail somehow manage to get every last letter through to me.  I mean, take today for example.  I had 32487 letters that were marked with just the word "Santa".  I know it's an unusual name but I can't be the only one!

After I finish I pour myself a double Advocaat and head outside to check my trusty sledge is Sky-Worthy for my big day tomorrow before heading inside for a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio before snuggling up with Mrs Claus and drifting into a deep, untroubled sleep.

What signals the start of your weekend/days off?

Simples!  Boxing Day.

What might people be surprised to know about you?

I own zero Christmas Jumpers.  Can't stand them.

What is the most sought-after present this Christmas?

With the way the new Star Wars film is performing at the box office BB8 toys are right at the top of kids list this year.  That's cool though.  The Star Wars Toys remind me of the 1970's and 1980's.  Make's me feel young again.  Besides, I'm glad the fidget spinner fad passed before Christmas.  Those things were so stupid!

Worst job you’ve ever had?

Before I landed the Santa gig I had to put in a couple of years as the Easter Bunny.  Man that was tough!  I suppose delivering all those chocolate eggs was good practice for what I do now but all that hopping around was pretty tiresome and there was no pension.

Tell us about the weekend you’d love to live again?

Santa Workdays- Turning in for the nightI used to spend every off-season living it large in Ibiza and I remember one year Carl Cox and Paul Okenfield played on consecutive nights at Manumission.  That was one hell of a weekend.  The only real downside was that Eggnog was very hard to come by in the Balearics.

What’s the best part of your job?

Bringing joy to billions of children every year.

What’s the perfect day off breakfast?

Mmm, I'd have to say either Eggs Benedict or Kedgeree... Only kidding I usually just take the Sledge through the McDonalds drive-thru.  Love the breakfast wraps and I usually grab a wee bag of those carrot sticks for Rudolph.

Complete this sentence; the best things in life are….

Eggnog, cookies and the double Christmas edition of the Radio Times

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