June McEwan

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June McEwan is a talented artist and sculptor who has a workshop and studio in Lochty near Perth whose work include's workshops like the Winter Wreath one she is running at The Black Watch Museum today.  She took some time out from her busy workday to tell us a little bit about her art and also about how she likes to spend her limited free time (at weekends she even turns her hand to a bit of face painting at events).  June is committed to her beloved collie dog Rhia who travels with her on her work days and gets three good walks a day, no matter what the weather.

When she does get a day off she likes to tuck into a veggie cooked breakfast, loves spending time in the Scottish countryside and dreams of a But 'n' Ben hideaway.  She also tells us about her worst job ever that involved an incident with a frozen chicken.  All this and more in todays Workdays and Weekends!

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Generally, I get up early, around 6.30am and take my collie dog, Rhia for a quick walk, have breakfast and drive to the industrial unit where I make my willow sculpture's, paint and organise my art workshops.

Rhia comes with me wherever I go and wears a tartan coat in the unit because, at this time of year, it's absolutely freezing! I wear umpteem layers and thick socks!

The first thing I do is always to switch radio 4 on. I like a voice in the background even if I'm not really listening, then it's a cup of tea looking at the unfinished work from the day before.

June McEwanI write a list of what I want to get done that day and get going on it. Generally, I have to order in art materials for workshops which I do for all sorts of groups and organise what I need for them into various bags ready to load into my wee van-an old Merc which contains a big box full of camping equipment so that I can sleep in it if necessary.

I do about 15,000-20,000 miles of travelling a year and some of my work is far away, so I use my van as a camper a few times a year. Rhia sleeps in the van with me.

If I have a workshop the next day I prepare and load the van and return to Crieff at about 5 pm. I wash and brush up and get ready for evening classes, usually two a week.

After my evening class, (and another dog walk) I get home pour myself a drink, catch up with emails, pm's and messages while doing facebook.I don't have a television. About 11.30 and the last dog walk, I go to bed, listening to the radio.

What signals the start of your weekend/days off?

I have very few free weekends as one of my jobs is face painting, but when I have a free day, I will stay in bed a little longer- having a collie means that's a rare treat! Then I will do some gardening at my plot in the community garden, or in my own small garden at home.

What might people be surprised to know about you?

They might be surprised to learn that I work quite hard!

Top of your bucket list?

Spend a week doing nothing in a But 'n' Ben hideaway

Worst job you’ve ever had?

I have loved every job I've ever done, despite once having a frozen chicken thrown at me by a very annoyed chef when I worked as a waitress!

Who or what inspires you?

Scotland itself. The landscape, the weather and the people.

Tell us about the weekend you’d love to live again?

I don't hanker for anything I've experienced in the past, despite doing quite a few unusual things, but I did enjoy my time living alone in a 12th-century tower while muralising its ceilings. These days I think I would prefer to spend a weekend playing, baking and gardening with my grandson.

What’s the best part about your job?

Not having to answer to anyone but myself!

What’s in the perfect day off breakfast?

I'm vegetarian, but I love a big traditional cooked breakfast with beans, mushrooms, eggs, veggie sausages and lots of tea and toast.

Complete this sentence; the best things in life are…

Sitting in a sunny corner of a Scottish field sketching the landscape and the feeling that you are part of that.

 Find out more about June McEwan at her website here 

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