Laura Raimondi

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Is there such thing as a perfect job? Well, we think that Laura Raimondi's comes pretty damn close!

With her business La Sicilyana Wines and Tasting Events - Laura brings the best of Sicilian wines to Perthshire for everyone to enjoy. She's a busy woman, organising tasting events and coming to your home to let you sample the best wines, straight from her Sicilian roots. 

The best part of the job? She gets to taste all of the fantastic wines herself of course! We caught up with Laura to find out more about her work and also what she likes to get up to in her spare time!

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I am a workaholic! I love what I do. I feel proud of my new business venture and am amazed from the response to my wine tasting events and award winning wines.

Most of my day is dedicated to scheduling my wine events, taking care of orders and deliveries, talking to my wine suppliers in Sicily and much more!

What signals the start of your weekend / days off?

I do often work during weekends, the demand for my wine events are usually for Friday and Saturdays. My clients call me to spend a special night in with their friends, in the comfort of their own home, tasting new wines, learning about Sicilian indigenous grapes and to know more about tasting tips. The atmosphere is always so friendly and relaxed that for me it’s not like working but spending time with friends.

Workdays and Weekends - Laura Raimondi with husband

What might people be surprised to know about you?

Apart from my love of wine, I am a huge Star Wars fan as well as sci-fiction movies. They would also be surprised to know that I was a semi-professional volleyball player, a referee and sports manager.

Top of your bucket list?

Go back to Barbados with my husband for a second honeymoon.

Worst job you’ve ever had?

I have been fortunate in that, I have always had a job that I loved. 

Who or what inspires you?

My Sicilian family, we all have very strong personalities and encourage each other. We have always worked hard to achieve our ambitions. My husband too, for his positivity.

Tell us about the weekend you’d love to live again?

Sicily, beach at sunset, a gentle breeze, some good friends with Earth, Wind and Fire playing on the radio of a Fiat 500… Memorable days!

What’s the best part about your job?

Talking to my clients about the beauty and the uniqueness of my beloved Sicily through my wines.

I love to guide them to discover the best of Sicilian classic indigenous varieties like Nero d’Avola, Catarratto, and many more, that have been part of our heritage for hundreds of years.

I see myself like an ambassador for my beautiful Island and I am never too tired to talk about its wonders, especially when it comes to quality wines.

Workdays and Weekends - Laura Raimondi in garden

The passion of my Sicilian winemakers is in every wine drop, they have so much experience and skills rewarded by the numerous international prizes they win every year.

I also give simple tasting tips to my clients to help better understand and appreciate good wines.

Another best part about my job? I taste lots of beautiful wines!

What’s in the perfect day off breakfast?

Setting the table with my favourite china, having a cup of tea and a slice of home made morning cake with my husband, talking about the day ahead!

Complete this sentence; The best things in life are….

Love, family, good wines and good food… and a brand new Gucci bag!

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