Women’s empowerment through the lens

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Inspirational Short Films Specially Curated for WOW: What Now? Perth, by UK’s Leading Global Change Film Festival Creators.

Women’s empowerment will be firmly at the top of the credits during an uplifting short film event specially curated for Perth’s upcoming WOW (Women of the World): What Now? from those behind the UK’s leading global change film festivals.

Delving into the inspirational stories of women across the globe, Tales of Sisterhood will take its audience from Syria to the Scottish Highlands and from Jordan to Canada through a series of films during WOW: What Now? Perth together with Horsecross Arts, taking place on Saturday, October 5 from 10.15am to 12.30pm at Perth Theatre.The film shorts have been carefully selected to cover significant aspects of women’s lives today.

Made by amateur film makers with the support of Edinburgh-based charity Take One Action Festivals, who are responsible for a series of film festivals across the country, the shorts have been carefully selected to cover significant aspects of women’s lives today and the handpicked collection will be showcased together for the first time at WOW: What Now? Perth.


The free 100 minute screening will feature a selection of around eight shorts, varying in film styles and themes – from ‘Another Kind of Girl’, an intimate documentary essay capturing the look, feel and sounds of a 17-year-old’s life in Jordan’s Za’atari Refugee Camp to ‘No Place Like Home’ a stop-motion animation telling the endearing story of a defiantly self-reliant woman living in the Scottish Highlands.

The free 100 minute screening will feature a selection of around eight shorts, varying in film styles and themes. Take One Action Festivals’ Lisa Hough-Stewart will co-host a discussion with Jill Moody from Perth Film Society’s Jill Moody following the screening.

Lisa commented: “We’re really looking forward to coming to Perth. We will feature a selection of short films from our ‘Sister’ strands which best highlight female voices and empowerment from on screen and from behind the camera.”

Jill added: “We’re very pleased to be involved with this fantastic film event alongside WOW: What Now? and Horsecross Arts. When we were offered the opportunity to pair with Take One Action Festivals we jumped at the chance.

“They’re an amazing organisation and we are fascinated at their approach to using film as a way to affect social change. I’m looking forward to a really exciting watch.”

Brimming with new perspectives and insights the films also give women working in the genre a platform to find their voices as creatives, activists and advocates.

Tales of Sisterhood will form part of a jam packed day of creative conversation, debate and exciting speakers at WOW: What Now? Perth designed to celebrate women and girls while also highlighting the challenges still faced in the movement towards gender equality.

This event is free but ticketed and a free crèche is available. Please book through: www.wowperth.co.uk

About Take One Action! Film

Established in 2008, Edinburgh-based Take One Action are an independent charity founded by film lovers, cultural activists and globally concerned citizens who believe cinema experience can catalyse lasting change. 

Bringing people together through film screenings and conversation to explore the stories, ideas and questions at the heart of social change, the charity hopes to inspire a fairer more fulfilling and sustainable world.

Perth Film Society is fascinated at the Take One Action! approach to using film as a way to affect social change.As part of their focus on social and environmental justice, Take One Action believes in showcasing women’s voices both on and off screen and in line with their gender parity, inclusion and diversity commitments, 50% of films they show are directed by women.

For more information see takeoneaction.org.uk 

About Perth Film Society

Launched in 1999, Perth Film Society aims to give wide access to non-mainstream world films that larger cinemas often can’t or don’t show. Run by an enthusiastic group of film lovers and supported by many local businesses, the society moved to its current home at Horsecross in 2006. Find out more in our interview with Jill Moody from Perth Film Society.

About WOW - What Now?

Horsecross Arts has teamed up with The WOW Foundation to present a one-day event WOW: What Now? which will take stock of gender equality globally and nationally and look at how the landscape has changed for women and girls across Scotland and the rest of the world.

This exciting progamme of film, conversation, speakers and participation is free to attend although some spaces are limited and separate tickets for morning, afternoon and evening must be booked. Spaces for free crèche can also be booked online. 

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