Rebecca McClune

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Becca McClune is one of those incredible women who always seems to be doing something! She became a mum for the first time last year and having decided not to return to her full time job at Perth Museum and Art Gallery, she thought she may have some more free time... However, as any busy at-home mum will tell you, your time is never free, it's all just filled differently!

For the past year, most days have included something for Eilidh (the baby!) – their favourites in Perth are Bookbug at the North Inch Library, Movers and Shakers in Scone, Little Stars at Perth Theatre and swimming either with Water Babies or at Perth Leisure Pool.

More recently, she started nursery two mornings a week so that Becca could take on some voluntary and freelance work putting some of her other amazing skills to use.  And so, she is currently running the Monthly Meet-Ups for the amazing WOW Women of the World Festival, as well as organising their fantastic volunteer programme for the main festival in September

She's also a trustee for the Crannog Centre in Kenmore offering advice on museum related reports PLUS she's also working on developing the Perth Ultimate Frisbee club (new members welcome!).

We're tired just reading it all! Read to find out more about this truly awesome woman! 

1. Tell us the weirdest / funniest thing that has ever happened to you at work?

Becca Mcclune - Becca with daughterAs the full-time mother of an under 1, every day has its share of the usual toilet humour associated with parenting this age group. However, entertaining as this can be (you have to laugh or you’ll cry), I will share a short story from my previous job.

Anyone who works with or has children I’m sure is full of funny stories of what kids have said or done. One day I was leading a workshop on ‘The Romans in Perthshire’ for a class of P3's (approximately age 7). The Romans who came to Perthshire nearly 2000 years ago were soldiers and so a section of the workshop focused on a Roman soldier’s armour, their lives, etc.

I explained to the kids that Roman soldiers were not allowed wives, and as I said this one 7 year old shot his hand up in the air and announced with authority “that means they were virgins”. As the class looked expectantly at me and the adults in the room shook with laughter at the back, all I could think to say was ‘…um….’ before carrying on; what can you do?! Needless to say I look forward to the day my own child starts talking and coming out with hilarious outbursts of her own.

 2. What signals the start of your days off?

You don’t exactly get days off when parenting is your main job, but I certainly look forward to the days when my husband is off as well and we can share the load. If I’m lucky these days might even start with a lie-in if he takes the baby downstairs! They quite often continue with breakfast out – Willows being our current favourite for the first meal of the day. They definitely start with a cup of tea!

3. What might people be surprised to know about you?

I am not Scottish, or Irish, despite my red hair! People are often surprised to know that I get my red hair from Italian ancestry on both sides of my family – there were Celts in Italy too.

4. What is at the top of your bucket list?

We live in an interesting time for gender equality; gender itself is being re-examined and redefined and women’s voices are getting louder and louder.

I’m desperate to explore Argentina! I went to Buenos Aires when I was 17 for a family wedding (my grandfather is Argentinian though you wouldn’t guess it from my red hair and freckles) but I really want to go back and see the rest of the country. It would be amazing to visit Argentinian wine country (I love a good Malbec) and get down to Tierra del Fuego at the bottom of the country, and head west into the Andes! Not to mention spend a whole holiday eating amazing steak.

5. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I’ve actually been pretty lucky and not had any job that was really terrible. My first proper job was in a coffee shop/café when I was 16; mostly I served at the counter but the odd day that I spent washing dishes was less than ideal. Still, washing dishes isn’t so bad!

6. Who or what inspires you?

Women inspire me. Working for the WOW Festival has brought so many amazing women into my path and so many opportunities to listen to women speak about their struggles, successes, experiences, obstacles and motivations. We live in an interesting time for gender equality; gender itself is being re-examined and redefined and women’s voices are getting louder and louder. As we fight for change and equality more and more incredible women come into the spotlight and inspire me every day.

7. Tell us about the day you’d love to live again?

There are lots of days I’d love to live again! Recently I went to Colorado for a friend’s wedding up in the Rocky Mountains. Our first day there was particularly amazing. Had a delicious breakfast at a local diner to start with – I’ll admit if there’s one thing I miss about America it’s the breakfasts!

We then drove up to Vail which is a stunning place famous for its ski slopes, and I had the opportunity to try goat yoga. This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I absolutely love goats, and I heard about goat yoga a couple years ago but haven’t had the chance to try in until this trip.

It was basically a yoga class in a goat pen, while the goats were wandering around and cosying up to people. One goat, Ducky, sat down on my yoga mat about 15 mins in and stayed there the whole time, so I got a good cuddle in between sun salutations. It was about 19 degrees with a lovely breeze, we were looking out over a stunning mountain and there were baby goats all around – I would live this day over and over and over again!

8. What’s the best part about your job?

The best part about being a full time mum is watching my daughter learn and develop. It’s fascinating watching her practice new skills and seeing her personality develop. It’s so interesting getting to know other babies as well and seeing them develop – they are all so different! It really makes you rethink what you ever thought about the nature vs nurture debate.

9. Complete this sentence; the best things in life are….

…great people. For me, being around lots of friends and family makes me the happiest!

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