Pet Services in Perthshire

Here at Small City Big Personality, we are lovers of the furry, feathered and scaled and enjoy nothing more than taking care of our wonderful pets. From Louie the Frenchie to Keira the Staffie and Donatella the cat, our lives revolve around feeding, grooming, walking dogs and searching for ways to get the world's most laid back house cat moving!

This wonderful feature brings together the pet services in Perth and wider Perthshire that help us care for our favourite four-legged (and winged!) friends.  From the perfect pet shop run by animal lovers, to dog walking services, pet photographers (sign us up!) and the charities that rehome the strays, you'll find each and every one of them are truly the cat's whiskers!


Alan's Pet Shop

Alan's Pet Shop cater for a range of pets including dogs, cats, small animals and birds.


Find out how you can help the Scottish SPCA put an end to the multi million pound puppy industry.

Waggy Tails and Kitty Kats

Waggy Tails headed by dynamic duo Anna and Brian offer dog walking, cat sitting and key holding services in Perth and Perthshire.

Wagging Tails Professional Dog Grooming

Emily at Wagging Tails Professional Dog Grooming is trained to ensure your poochy pal is calm and relaxed throughout the grooming process.

Dog Friendly Perthshire

Dog Friendly Perthshire has been established with the help of Baxter the Lhasa Apso to promote everything dog friendly in Perthshire!

Perth Pet Care

Perth Pet Care offers a safe environment for you to leave your dog in whilst you're away from home also offering grooming and training courses.


Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society, known as PADS, has been rescuing and rehoming dogs since 1990!

The Dog Lady Scotland

At The Dog Lady Scotland, you and your dog will work with an experienced and qualified dog behaviour consultant.

Animals at Home

What if we told you that you could go on holiday without having to worry about your much loved pets being away from their home comforts?

Original Walkies

Once a one-man band, this venture is now a highly recommended and long established dog walking and pet services business in Perth.

Cats Protection Perth

Cats Protection in Perth and Kinross is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing stray, unwanted or homeless cats and educating people about cat welfare.