Period Property or Newly Built?

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Do you have a preference over a new build home with all the mod cons and minimum maintenance costs, or do you love the charm and character of a period property? Either way, there are some things to consider with both types of property.

For most people it’s all about personal preference, and of course what’s available in your chosen location. With such a large investment, it’s important that you love the home you are buying. We take a look at the advantages of owning each type of property to give you some food for thought, and hopefully help you decide which one is right for you and your family.

Period Homes

Clyde Property Old or New - Old mansion

Old properties tend to be in well-established areas with a strong community history. It also means that the house prices can be predicted much more easily. In addition, gardens are usually much more mature with established plants and wildlife, whereas a new build property tends to have a lawn which is essentially a blank canvas.

With an older property there’s usually no snagging required – it may have maintenance costs but it won’t have any new issues arising from the build.

All utilities will be established at the property, and will just require a transfer from the existing owner. Take a look at our property listings, which include some stunning period properties.

New Build Homes

Clyde Property Old or New - Hands writing on paper

A new build property is seen by the government as a way to help people get onto the housing ladder and get the market moving. That’s why there are incentives such as Help to Buy, Shared Ownership and Starter Home schemes. This can mean that you need less money for a deposit.

New homes are more energy-efficient and are readily insulated, keeping your bills down.

When buying a property that has just been built, you won’t be stuck in a chain and therefore don’t need to rely on another homebuyer needing to sell before you can buy. That means you won’t spend money on legal fees that you won’t get back should the chain fall down.

A new home is safe and secure, with no weak points for forced entry. New locks, windows and alarms all help to protect your home.

Your home will be guaranteed, usually by the National House Building Council’s (NHBC) 10-year warranty. There is also a consumer code designed to protect buyers who opt for new build property. Take a look at our new homes.

New or old our experts can help you decide what type of home fits your lifestyle and budget, and advise you on the types of property available in your chosen location, so contact your local branch for friendly, professional advice.

Clyde Property is a leading independent, multiple award-winning estate agent with over 30 years’ experience in selling and letting property in Scotland. Just call your local Clyde Property branch today, for friendly, impartial advice on letting and renting property.

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