Remembering the War in Song

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Through a carefully chosen blend of songs from and about The Great War, Perth Concert Hall will be playing host to 'No Man’s Land' a one-off Armistice Day concert featuring emotional songs and stories from and about WW1.

The stories told will be from a diverse range of viewpoints, embracing both the familiar and the rarely heard, from different sides of the conflict and its aftermath and from combatants and civilians alike.

No Man’s Land takes place on Sunday 11th November and will feature familar names on the music scene including Blue Rose Code, Raghu Dixit, Kris Drever, ESKA, Karine Polwart and Declan O'Rourke. They will be supported by the acclaimed house band from the acclaimed 'Made in Perthshire' show which draws on folk, jazz, classical and rock backgrounds.

Andy Shearer, is the creative director for contemporary music for Horsecross Arts, the creative organisation behind Perth Concert Hall and Perth Theatre is thrilled about the ensemble and cast of singers they’ve assembled for this show and said "as we get further into putting the setlist together with the various artists, the more excited we’re getting about what they’re going to produce for us on the night."


The singers have been carefully chosen with the remit being, great voices who will fully engage with the subject matter of the show and bring something special to it. Without giving too much away, there will be a mixture of some familiar songs - though not necessarily performed how you’re used to hearing them - and some not so well-known, including some that have been specially written for the show. This wasn’t part of the brief for the featured artists initially, but some have been so inspired that they’ve felt compelled to write something on the subject.

This is set to be a very moving and thought-provoking commemoration of the war. 

There will also be themes everyone will be familiar with from World War One, the tragedy of young lives lost and life in the trenches, but the concert will also tell rarely-heard stories from points of view that are not normally considered when remembering the War in the UK.

There will be experiences of people in India and Ireland and from black participants in the conflict from the US, the Caribbean and Africa as we don’t always think of the “world” part of World War One when we talk about it.

This is set to be a very moving and thought-provoking commemoration of the war on Armistice Day 2018, 100 years since the day that marked the end of the devastating four-year conflict of World War One.


For tickets and info about No Man’s Land in Perth Concert Hall on Sunday 11th November call Horsecross Arts Box Office on 01738 621031 or check out our event listing >

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