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Later this month Niteworks, a four-piece originally from Skye, will be making an appearance at Perthshire's amazing Solas festival.  Their unique sound is made up of bagpipes, synths, samples, drums and bass.  Influenced simultaneously by Gaelic folk and dance culture, Niteworks are not your average shoegazing indie-band and are renowned for their energising live performances. 

In 2015 their debut album, 'NW', cemented their place as one of Scotlands hottest acts and even found them being compared to the late, great Martyn Bennett.  Last year their follow up, 'Air Fàir an Là', was equally well-received and they have already started writing material for their third and may even try out some new songs on an eager Solas crowd.  We caught up with the lads from Skye ahead of the festival to talk about what they've got planned for the Niteworks liveshow, their influences and whose the best dancer in the band (spoiler alert: it's Allan).  Check it out!

Are you looking forward to the Solas festival this summer?

Yeah absolutely. All but a couple of the festivals we’re doing this year are first-timers for us, so we’re pretty excited. It’s always run to play new places and in front of new people.

Will you check out any of the other acts while you are at Solas? If so, who are you looking forward

Kobi Onyame for sure, but most looking forward to Heisk. We’ve played together a couple of times now and it's always great fun.

Do you have any other festival performances lined up?

We do! All our gigs are listed on our website & social media. Come see us, prizes for the best group hug.

You sound is a unique blend of both traditional and modern, is this reflected in your musical influences?

Guess you could say that, The majority of what we listen to is house or techno; the product of a misspent youth of nights in clubs in Glasgow. But deep down we’re softies for a good Gaelic song.

Your debut album NW and it's follow up Air Fàir an Là were phenomenally well-received, when can we expect a follow-up?

Our third album, who knows. We’ve got a bunch of ideas in the works and some new material we plan to test out live. Including at Solas. If you let us know it’s good, we’ll record it.

Your songs have featured a whole host of guest singers, who would you most like to collaborate with in the future and why?

Niteworks on TvChaka Kahn, but in Gaelic. No explanation required.

Do you think singing in Gaelic limits your’ audience?

Perhaps, but singing in English would limit us even more. No one would want to hear us crooning sweet nothings. Ruairidh, our drummer, tries in the shower. F@*king awful.

This next question is a bit Brass Eye/Alan Partridge. What one question that I haven’t asked you would you like to be asked and what is the answer?

Who in the band is the best dancer and has the best taste in music? Allan (see photos attached, when Ruairidh was asked this exact question on live TV)

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