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Perth Museum and Art Gallery are digging deep to uncover some old Perthshire Myths and Legends with their newest exhibition at Perth Museum to uncover the truth behind the legends and folklore...

Did you know that a witch named Kate McNiven was burned to death by a mob in Crieff? Had you heard that there is a cave somewhere on Kinnoull Hill called the Dragon’s Hole? 

From Saturday 16th March to Sunday 9th June 2019, the team at Culture Perth and Kinross are encouraging us all to recall the 'old wives tales' that you've heard relating to Perth and wider Perthshire for their newest exhibition Only in Whispers, The Myths and Legends of Perthshire.

I often wonder about that old 'witches house' that sat spookily abandoned on a desolate hill and who was the spectre nicknamed the 'green lady' that my granny would tell me that roamed the grounds of Newton Castle in Blairgowrie..it seems like this exhibition is my chance to find out!

We want people to explore this exhibition and hope they are both inspired and surprised by what they find.

The museum collections are packed with fascinating paintings, photographs and all kinds of wonderful artefacts and natural history items that have been used to help tell the local legendry tales. They've gone out to people of Perthshire and researched the archives, to find myths, legends and folklore from all over Perthshire and brought it to life in their brand new immersive gallery experience

The 'Only in Whispers, The Myths and Legends of Perthshireexhibition will be a first for Perth, as it combines these stories with a unique theatrical experience. Museum curators have collaborated with Stage Designer, Becky Minto to create a set designed gallery which depicts aspects of a long lost Perthshire country house. Becky has lived and worked in Scotland for over 25 years as a Stage Designer and her design for the National Theatre Scotland’s site specific production of The 306:Dawn was selected as a finalist for the World Stage Design exhibition!


Built by Pitlochry Festival Theatre, with sound effects by Patrick Dalgety and lighting by Simon Wilkinson, the team will create an unforgettable interactive experience for visitors. The amazing production is the result of a winning collaboration of two fantastic local culture and arts organisations. 

Visitors to the exhibition will be transported on a journey through a mysterious house where they will uncover stories through objects, clues and suggestions of places and events long past.

Becky noted that the project was a new challenge but one that she was enjoying immensely. “We want people to explore this exhibition and hope they are both inspired and surprised by what they find”.

We are certain that visitors will enjoy this unique experience, and will spread the word on the tales and folklore it contains, but only in whispers…..


Only in Whispers Saturday 16th March to Sunday 9th June 2019.  Find out more in their event listing here >

If you are brave enough, you can book the adults only late night "Only in Whispers - After Dark" on Friday 17th & 24th May. At this special adults after-hours at the museum you will get a tour of the Museum basement and hear grizzly tales from local author Gary Knight! Find out more in the event listing >

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