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Live Active Leisure officially launched their Macmillan Move More partnership this week which promises to deliver a programme of activity specifically designed for people living with cancer in Perth and Kinross.

The fantastic Move More programme is part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s national campaign to ensure that people living with cancer are supported to become physically active before, during and after their treatment.

Evidence shows that being active can play a vital role in helping to prevent a recurrence of cancer. It can also slow disease progression as well as reducing the side effects and consequences of cancer treatment, such as fatigue. You can read more about the research by downloading the Macmillan Move More study here >>>
Here in Perth & Kinross and wider Perthshire the project is delivered by LAL and supported by a steering group of a number of partners, including NHS Tayside. 
Evidence shows that being active can play a vital role in helping to prevent a recurrence of cancer. We caught up with Kenneth Nattrass, one of two full-time macmillan Move More team members now at LAL, to find out more.
"The Move More programme of physical activity is individually tailored and consists of 12 free sessions which are designed to help people with cancer to become, and stay, active at a level that’s right for them.
That could mean gardening, joining a walking group, taking part in Gentle Movement classes or supervised gym-based programmes. Essentially, Move More is about providing opportunities for people to get moving in an enjoyable way that suits their lifestyle."

The LAL partnership programme will offer walking groups led by trained volunteers throughout Perth and Kinross, as well as personalised gym sessions and circuit classes. Gentle Movement sessions and gardening sessions will become available soon and although aimed primarily at Cancer patients, the initiative also encourages friends, family and carers to join in with some sessions.
  • Gym based sessions and circuit sessions are active in: Perth and in Kinross
  • Walking groups are currently active in: Perth, Kinross and Crieff. 
Colin Melville, Wellbeing Manager at Live Active Leisure commented, “There are now many studies proving the positive effects and benefits that exercise can have on pre and post cancer treatment in relation to an individual's health and reducing the impact of side effects.

To be in a position where we can commit to offer the people of Perth and Kinross access to expert advice and services is extremely important and represents a significant step forward in assisting those members of our communities living with cancer and the aftermaths of treatment.   I am encouraged greatly by the progress that our Move More team has already made and would invite anyone who feels they may benefit to get in touch.”

Move More - Group picThe partnership follows a successful funding application which has allowed LAL to commit to the programme for a period of 3 years.  The £173K grant from Macmillan will fund two full-time staff and all of the project delivery costs.

Participants can access the Move More activities free of charge for twelve sessions.  For further information on joining or for general enquiries please contact a Macmillan Move More Coordinator on   01738 454651 or via email at movemorep&k@liveactive.co.uk.
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