19 October 2019 Podcast #29

Jacobite Clans Ep.11: Legacy & Song Part II

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In Episode 11 of Jacobite Clans, we continue exploring the Jacobite legacy and spend more time on Perthshire’s famous songstress and collector of songs, Carolina, Lady Nairne.  Carolina was born into a Jacobite family, the Oliphant’s of Gask and is known for her Jacobite songs and her wider work on Scots song.

Throughout the episode, you’ll be able to hear a selection of songs, Caller Herrin, Land o the Lead, and the White Rose of June. This is the second of a two-part podcast. All songs have been performed by PlaidSong and reproduced with permission.

Jacobite Clans is an episode podcast series complimenting the Jacobite Clans exhibition at Perth Museum & Art Gallery.

The Jacobite Clan's podcast has been inspired by the Culture Perth and Kinross Jacobite Clan's Exhibition hosted over 2019 at Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Join the conversation on social media by following the hashtag #CPKjacobites and read more in our Arts & Culture section: Battles, Blood and Bonnie Prince Charlie - The Jacobite's Return to Perth.

Music - Jacobite Soldier by PlaidSong. Reproduced with permission.

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