2 July 2016 Podcast #9

The Plans For a Caravan Adventure!

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Welcome to this week’s show

How the heck are you?

Well, I’m into the second week of caravan living now. It’s going fine. Although one thing I didn’t mention is that I’m having back issues. I think it’s with all the moving and lifting the last few weeks and the new ways of moving my body living in the caravan. It’s making me feel grumpy as I really want to do certain things around here and I can’t arrghh.

You will be relieved to know I’ve sussed out the workings of the Porta Potty (relieved to know, get it?) I’m not doing bad for a newbie (I think) Maybe Carol and Jim up here at Noah’s Arc would tell you differently but I think I’m doing just fine.

Anyhoo. It seems the question I get asked most is “What are you doing next Lady Miss? When will the Adventure start?”

Well the adventure starts when we are born really. I’m thinking about visiting relatives doon sooth and I have friends down there too so it could be fun to drop in and do some gigs and some busking to fund it and keep me in the lifestyle that I’m accustomed to.LOL

I’m thinking to stay in Scotland until the middle of August and I’ll be doing a gig in the Twa Tams Perth on the 14th August. You coming? It will be a good one. Then I’ll get the ferry to Holland and see a few friends there too, more gigs and the travel South as it gets colder to be in the Sun for Winter.

That is the plans for now.. It could all change tho. Good ole Life always an Adventure.

Big shout out to my pal John for the amazing electrics on the caravan. Check him out here >>>

And of course to Noah’s Arc Caravan Park. Where I am making my residence for now.  Find out more here >>

Peace and Love and remember. Get Yourself Free :-) 

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Laters X


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