25 June 2016 Podcast #8
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My First Week In The Caravan

By 25th June 2016

Hey Up Chuck!

Well here I am. Coming to the end of the first week of caravan living.

Best bits

  • Kat the cat ABSOLUTELY loves it. This is a HUGE relief for me.
  • It’s cosy at night time.
  • Noah’s Arc is a SUPER location. Jim and Carol are funny, friendly and really helpful.
  • I cooked my favourite meal nay bother.
  • Meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories
  • Massive “playground” for Dougal
  • I feel safe here
  • Did I mention Cat LOVES it haha

Worst bits

  • Walking in the morning for a pee cos I don’t want to pee in the Porta Potty as I’m not sure how to
  • empty it and I’ve hurt my back. Is it heavy to carry?? haha
  • Not having a shower in the van. (Well that’s not entirely true. I do have a shower room. I use it to store clothes!) :D
  • I think the caravan needs a new water pump.

Yes! So the good has definitely outweighed the bad this week.

I have enjoyed getting ready for my gigs. Playing my guitar and singing and making my wee cuppa with my gas in the morning. It just feels right.

It’s such a relief that my wee cat Kat is settled. Home is not a home without a jumpy little feline, friend. It was breaking my heart leaving her. She has now taken up residency in the shelf above my head where I only dreamed she would before we moved. Yes it’s a dream come true that my wee Kat is settled!! YIPPEE.

My mum and I managed to get ALOT of stuff in here (it’s a wee tardis) and as I was gifted an awning from a kind friend. I now have a spare room for yoga, jamming and guests! Actual LOVING life! 

Anyhoo. It’s back to the old flat today to clean, scrub and get rid of the furniture. Hopefully the wifi is still working so as I can send this podcast to the girls at Small City.

Big up to Nicky and Holly for their continued hard work and support and to my PA Joanne for helping ease the pressure. (BOOM)


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Laters X


It's all about Caravan life this week and a big thanks to Noah's Ark Caravan Park >>>

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25 June 2016 Podcast #8