10 June 2016 Podcast #6
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Small City In the Big City!

By 10th June 2016

Hello my listeners,

Welcome to this week’s podcast. This week it was a joy to make as I was reminiscing about my fantastic New York Birthday Trip.

To understand why this trip was so fab, you really have to take into consideration the mental state I was in before going off to America.

I was absolutely and completely in a state of overwhelmedness. I know you will be thinking “Come on Lady Miss. It’s easy for you, you are used to this, you’re living the dream”.. Well let me tell you me hearties, living the dream isn’t always plain sailing. It’s rough sometimes and I’m the only one sailing this ship.

So let me tell you a break was sorely needed.

New York City is an AMAZING place. WOWEE! Anything goes there absolutely anything! You see alot of things you have never seen before just walking through Times Square or Central Park on a sunny day. Everybody is hustling.

One of the coolest things I think about walking around such an iconic city is seeing all the famous places that have previously only been seen on TV or films or read about. The weather was hot the food was great and my head space rested. I didn’t think about caravans at all for 5 days. AHHHH.. a nice relief.

So please enjoy this week’s podcast. Listen at your leisure. Please leave any comments you may have in the comments box and keep smiling

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All the best Lady Miss See ya Next week X


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10 June 2016 Podcast #6