29 July 2016 Podcast #13

Katto Returns!

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Here we are with this week’s podcast.

I’m not really sure who reads this wee bio but here I am writing it anyway it’s like a wee diary for me it’s kinda cool.

My beloved cat Kat disappeared this week so that was a big upset for me until her return. But I was really humbled by the amount of help, support and concern I had for her. I found her like many of you said, in the garage. YIPPEEE!!! There’s a cute photo of her in the gallery “hiding” in the cupboard.

Caravan living is going fine except my back hurts and the moths eating my fabrics. Never had a problem with moths before! In fact I thought that went out of fashion in 1965? Nevermind! It’s always an adventure Good ole caravan life!

I’m super excited to be playing Belladrum Festival on the Saturday 2pm on The Potting Shed Stage with an excellent bunch of musicians called “Home Made Jam”

Also I’m doing a four night stint at Thunder in the Glen at Mckenzies Highland Inn the last weekend in August. In between that I’m playing The Twa Tams in Perth on the 13th August and Pitcairn Green Inn on the 12 th August. Just to keep you in the loop.

I’m now starting to plan leaving Scotland before Autumn as I don’t want to be here as it starts to get colder so I’m heading South. Firstly down to Englerland then South of Spain probably. Wherever there is Sunshine that is where you will find us. We will bring the music :)

I’m also going to be busy recording my own songs with hopefully lots of local musicians and some  indie studios getting involved I need to get on this so that’s happening too. Would you buy the album?

Okies Im off for now it’s late now and im a sleepy lady. Thanks for reading. Leave comments if you like!

Peace Lady Miss X

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